“We just ended 20, almost 21 years of selling records in New York City,” said Chris Vanderloo, co-founder of Other Music.
Longtime customers of the shop flocked to East 4th Street yesterday evening to mourn its closure and catch one last in-store performance, by 75 Dollar Bill. (The band is on Other Music Recording Co., which will continue on.) Musician and customer Matana Roberts told us she was feeling “a lot of sadness” before she led a second-line parade down to Bowery Ballroom, where Yo La Tengo, John Zorn, and others performed at a farewell concert. But the event, on the heels of the store’s official last day, doubled as a celebration of indie, experimental music and a show of gratitude for this little shop, which created so many memorable experiences for the city’s vinyl lovers.
Watch our video to see how it played out.
Video by Mercedes Barba.