Photo courtesy of The Weylin

Photo courtesy of The Weylin

Two years ago when we first caught wind of the the launch of Shwick Market, it was still a dinky affair in out-of-the-way Bushwick. Since then, their effort to highlight made-in-Brooklyn goods has outgrown that location and evolved into a rotating pop-up more than 100 vendors strong, with about 80 percent of wares made right in the borough. (All the rest are still conceived of and designed in New York, even if the fabrics come from far away places).
This weekend they’re going for their largest-ever Maker’s Market event inside of some pretty special digs–the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, now fancifully know as Weylin. “This is the biggest market we’ve ever done, and the venue is crazy beautiful,” said Chris Carew, one of the founders of Shwick. “And I think a lot of people haven’t been in there. Just the architecture, to come in there and see it, is an experience on its own.”
Photo courtesy of The Weylin

Photo courtesy of The Weylin

Indeed, originally opened in 1875, the bank was long neglected when Juan Figueroa bought it in 2010. Over the next few years it was painstakingly restored and reopened as a private events space by his cousin, Carlos Perez San Martin, who eventually took over the project. Yet even with all these glorious new changes (the city even gave the project a Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards) it has mainly been used for weddings and other private parties. Few people in the nabe have had the chance to peek inside– mostly we just wave at its magnificent dome as we pass across the Williamsburg Bridge on the JM train, idly wondering, “Huh, wonder what goes on inside there.” That seems to be changing as the Weylin hosts more public events, like this weekend’s Maker’s Market.
“While we host many private functions, it’s important to us that Weylin functions as both a cultural hub and a community landmark for the South Williamsburg neighborhood,” said Perez San Martin. “We will continue to partner with individuals, agencies, brands and nonprofits to host events and diversify the event programming and open our doors to the public so they can experience this building’s stunning architecture and historic presence.” For instance, the rest of summer you can experience the Weylin in a particularly interesting way as part of the Speakeasy Dollhouse immersive performance. Of course, those tickets will set you back about $60 a pop, so the Maker’s Market this weekend is a (so far) rare chance to walk inside for free and see what all the fuss is about.
Photo courtesy of The Weylin

Photo courtesy of The Weylin

But, besides ogling the magnificent stained glass oculus, specially engraved marble, and meticulously restored bird-cage elevator, what else can you expect at this Maker’s Market extravaganza? There’ll be the typical craft market oodles of handmade soap and natural bathroom products, of course, and also unique jewelry and clothes inspired by cultures all over the world, funky household decorations, and perfect hipster Father’s Day gift ideas. We scoured the vendors and lined up a sample of some of the most interesting wares on offer:
1. Buttery leather wallets (For father’s day, or just for fun) from Henry Green Leather

2. Macrame planters from Prissage Studio

3. Handmade vegan lipstickies from Color Me Chad

4. Keyboard waffle iron — need we say more?

5. Super funky jewelry, like rings from Rogueries.

See you on Sunday at the #BrooklynMakersMarket, hosted by @shwickmarket

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6. Essie Spice’s African-inspired condiments.

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7. Plenty of cutesy ceramics, like Curious Clay’s artful mixture of jewelry, mugs, and small decorative objects.

8. Delicate hats and fasteners, such as these from Chapeau Echo.

9. Cee Cee’s Closet’s West African prints, sourced from Nigeria.

10. Beautiful glass-blown specialities for your drinking (and smoking) pleasure, via Evan Chamberlain Glassworks.

White filigree bong with a red twist for a friend @moth_nothsa #bong #filigrana #glassofig #enamel #red #boro
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And don’t forget about the foodie options, which should have enough to keep your mouth watering as you browse.
1. Indonesian street food newcomer Waroeng’s first ever popup.

2. A Little Bit of Fun’s gluten-free funnel cakes:

3. Matzah Brei’s surprising sandwiches.

4. Sweetness overload, thanks to Pie Corps.

It’s mini pie madness at #piecorps
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5. And drinks galore from Pilot Kombucha.

Enjoy the long weekend and beautiful weather! We know we are! #kombucha #fermented #raw #vegan #madeinbrooklyn

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Maker’s Market, June 18th and 19th 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Weylin, 175 Broadway, Williamsburg.