(Photo: Courtesy of Avigail Adam)

(Photo: Courtesy of Avigail Adam)

Game of Thrones aficionados, Athena impersonators, and Rivendale lovers, take note: the next time you need to stock up on delicate laurel wreaths, headbands, and bracelets ornamented with metal, gold-plated leaves and twigs, this new Williamsburg shop may be just what you’re looking for.

Avigail Adam has opened her first brick-and-mortar shop of the same name on Bedford Avenue. “It was always a big dream of mine to have a shop in New York,” she said.

Adam and her ethereal forest-nymph accessories have been making the rounds at various holiday markets and craft bazaars for a number of years now, including stands at Columbus Circle and Union Square and an upcoming appearance at Bryant Park. “As the business continued to grow, I felt like the timing was getting closer to the right time to open a store,” she said. Adam has decided to take baby steps rather than plunging head-first into a big commitment. “We’re sort of a long-term pop-up,” she explained. “We’ve only signed the lease for a year. Then we’ll see how it goes.”

As it turns out, running a permanent shop as opposed to a temporary booth at a market was a whole different affair. Social media presence, window displays, and spacial arrangements were all things Adam hadn’t really had to deal with before. “You have to be more creative,” she said.

However, with the extra space came the opportunity to create a little slice of Lord of the Rings fan fiction heaven. An old antiques shop close to her home in New Jersey provided her with plenty of material to create just the fairytale look she was going for. Pine cones and leaves, as well as a ceiling covered with intertwined branches, creates a woodsy feel, while vintage trunks and furniture and exposed brick walls add a bit of a twee factor. “It’s all this very forest-y, fairy goddess stuff,” she said.

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complete your Lady Galadriel cosplay, or you’re, you know, just trying to add some Goddess-approved swag to your otherwise lackluster outfit, you’ll know where to go.

Avigail Adam, 148 Bedford Avenue at N 9th Street. 10am – 8pm every day.