If you’ve ever walked by that outlaw biker clubhouse on Thames Street and wondered aloud, “What the hell is this doing in Bushwick?” keep in mind that, for one, you’re probably being watched by the Forbidden Ones’ on CCTV (um, don’t touch the bikes) and, two, the bikers are probably asking the same question, only they’re looking at you. So you could say that Uncle Meg’s new music video, which was shot inside the debaucherous members-only club in Bushwick, definitely qualifies as too real, even if it stars vampires and zombies from the cast of Michael Alig’s new film Vamp Bikers Tres.

The new video for “Big Daddy Margaret Rose” dropped at the end of April as part of Uncle Meg‘s solo effort. We got a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot back in March when Eric Rivas, the filmmaker behind the Vamp Bikers Trilogy invited us to the biker pad. It ended up being quite the interesting experience.

The video is fraught with allusions and straight-up explicit references to the fact that Uncle Meg’s music has been dismissed as gimmicky hipster rap. Possibly in a move to shed this image, the tiny Brooklyn rapper recently spread her wings and started doing solo stuff apart from Hand Job Academy, the all-lady Brooklyn rap crew best known for their song “Lena Dunham”: “Damn sweetie, you from money / And you act like a ho / Can’t believe you masturbated / To the Ricky Lake show (whoa).”

This new song definitely shows a more serious side of Uncle Meg. In the opening scene she’s spotted taking a photo of the club and snatched up by a pair of bikers, essentially kidnapped and held inside the club where vampire broads and leather-clad bikers (who, by the way are played by 100-percent real outlaw motorcycle gang members including the club’s Vice President Rafael “Tito” Martinez) ridicule her. Things get ugly when they dismiss her as a hipster girl who “can’t rap.”

Meg flips the badass switch to full-throttle and goes from a girl who looks very much out of place, to a freak in her own right. Suddenly, she fits in with the scenery, having traded in the goofy pop-culture references for a style closer to gangster rap and trap samples. It’s all there– booty shaking, a ferocious looking pit bull, some seriously nasty slow-mo party scenes– which makes sense, seeing as the video is all about proving that Uncle Meg can indeed rap, and that she has a crew of gyrating ladies to back her up.

There’s kind of a lot to reconcile here– first of all, what are all these Coney Island freaks doing at a biker bar in Bushwick? Are all the bikers vampires too? Or are some of the vampires just hangers-on? Where is Michael Alig? Looks like we’ll have to wait until the premiere of Vamp Bikers Tres to have these important questions answered. Stay tuned.