(Photo: Courtesy of Bad Film Fest)

(Photo: Courtesy of Bad Film Fest)

Didn’t get a chance to schmooze with the A-list at Tribeca Film Festival last week? Well, you can always take it down a couple of grades: The fourth annual Bad Film Fest starts tonight at Cloud City in Williamsburg.

Through May 1, Gavin Kendall and Shawn Wickens will be showing a program of about 30 films by a variety of amateur and slightly more professional filmmakers.

The UCB grads first started curating bad films as filler for the Bad Theater Fest they host during the autumn months. “We had such a good response that we though we could do our own independent film festival,” Kendall said. The idea came from his and Wickens’s experiences with the arbitrary designations of “good” or “bad” art. “It kind of came out of the rejection from our own personal projects that Shawn and I were working on over the years,” Kendall said. “We wanted something we could control and own ourselves.”

The organizers usually put out a call for submissions toward the end of the Bad Theater Fest season, so that filmmakers (some of them first-timers) have some time before spring rolls around to (im)perfect their works. Then comes the monumental task of watching all of the submissions (about 400 this year) and culling the shorts into “a very eclectic evening.”

By keeping entry fees low ($10 max), Kendall and Wickens hope to level the playing field and keep it diverse. With picks like Drunk Brittany and Mr Rat, STFU!, and Bon Bon: The Demonic Cat, there’s surely something in the lineup to suit everyone’s taste.

Bad Film Fest, April 28 – May 1, check website for screening times. Tickets $8. At Cloud City, 85 N 1st Street between Berry and Wythe Avenye, Williamsburg.