(Photo: Rinsed on Instagram).

(Photo: Rinsed on Instagram).

A disco inferno is about to break out in Bushwick.

Tonight, Rinsed is launching a three-week pop-up nightclub named 3001: Odyssey – an homage to the original 2001 Odyssey club in Bay Ridge that the screenplay for Saturday Night Fever was based on – and it promises to be “a dance floor party through time and space” with “Brooklyn’s best custom sound system.”

The club’s location will only be emailed to those who purchase tickets online– as you can guess from the poster, it’ll be in, ahem, Bushwick. A loft with a capacity of about 300 will host a total of six parties ticketed at only $10 ($15 for second release), which includes an open bar from 11 p.m. to midnight. The DJ crews and collectives (all from New York) will predominantly play contemporary disco edits, with the exception of a techno night on Saturday, April 23 that Rinsed co-founder Dan Wender promises will still be super danceable.

RinsedWhile a funky, block party vibe will prevail, there’ll be a high-end Massada Rock Sound System, custom built by a British audiophile, and custom lighting by Nitemind Creative, which Wender says does lighting for Fashion Week events, including the Chromat runway show. While Rinsed considered installing a light up dance floor like the original, they decided to keep things a bit darker, and are compensating with “lots of disco balls.”

The absence of headliners harkens back to 2001 Odyssey, which Wender said was “like the original Brooklyn discotheque, very isolated and disconnected from the nightlife scene in Manhattan, which was super celebrity-packed and fickle and changing sort of with the wind. This was like a Brooklyn institution that my parents went to, and my business partner’s parents went to. It was just like work all week, get a little money in your pocket, maybe go out and buy a new shirt and you would head out to 2001 Odyssey disco.”

Wender told us that’s the direction that Rinsed is going in from now on– “smaller-scale, sweatier, funkier spaces and very concept-driven instead of talent-driven.”

“I find that right now, now that the dance music bubble has burst and it’s become sort of a mainstream thing, all of these parties and all of these clubs are super focused on booking huge headliners and really big DJs to try to sell tickets,” he said. “We’re sort of trying to go in the opposite direction and book super local, talented DJs, and go really full-steam with these weird concepts.”

Speaking of weird concepts, in addition to the six dance-oriented events, the pop-up nightclub will also host two $20 Dark Yoga sessions, the first on Thursday, April 21 and the second on Thursday, April 28.

Wender said Dark Yoga, created by clothing designer Harrison Johnson along with Alejandro Louro of Yoga to the People, is “kind of the opposite of normal yoga. It’s really sort of dark and abrasive music. It’s sort of got a little masochistic element to it. It’s not about love and namaste, it’s more about appreciating pain and suffering and attaining bliss through pain.”

Apparently, it also includes a ritual with special tea, smells, and, without giving too much away, “certain props that help you with the practice,” Wender said.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, act fast. The grand opening event tonight, “Rinsed + Occupy the Disco,” is already sold out, and there are others that are close to capacity. Wender said that next month, a new tenant will be moving in to turn the loft into an office space.