New Year, new you– is exactly what’s on Alex and Olena’s mind right now. What’s the best cure for the holiday blues? Well, the girls of our favorite reality web series, The Bedford Stopknow full-well it’s another holiday, that’s what. And where else to go act like a total nit and blend in seamlessly? Florida, duh! In this new episode premiering exclusively on B+B, they aim to hit the beaches, lap up frozies at any number of Margaritavilles, and twerk at whatever’s left of the Club Paris [Hilton] empire. Yes, it’s actually the year 2007 in Florida from here until eternity. But hold up– it may be hard to imagine, but Alex hints that an attempt to “detox” might be in her future. Olena’s reaction? In short: “Ew.” We couldn’t agree more.

Alex presses on. “They say January is the month of no drinking,” she ponders. “I need a hobby.” Olena looks close to puke-laughing after hearing this horrific couplet. She looks at her friend as if to say, “Um, ok… go on.” But Alex crosses the damn line when she suggests “starting a book club” to “broaden her horizons.”

Books? Fucking gross. We never thought we’d see the day. Olena’s response is a stark reminder of what happens when you read books: “So do something fun, don’t join a book club like an old maiden.” Translation: who would ever want to marry a girl who is literate enough to actually read a cookbook? That’s cheating.

Well, thankfully for us, this discussion ends as quickly as it started and even if Alex does decide to embark on some sort of twisted, self-loathing rehab initiative, the girls are all Spring-Break-4eva-bitches right now. “When in Rome, when in Florida,” as Olena says.

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