(Photo: Nicole Disser)

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

The past half-year has been a busy one at Alt Space, the gallery/boutique presence of Alt Citizenthe online/print culture mag devoted especially to music. They’ve hosted all kind of exhibitions, from sassy net-art shows to pop-up shops featuring their own lineup of hip, small-run clothing and goods curated specially by artists like photographer Anna Bloda (whose work is starting to look like it was shot by a Millennial Richard Kern). From this angle, Alt Space always looked packed with fresh, accessible art and covetable wares (they even went live with the stuff), but turns out their current space at 41 Montrose Avenue is no longer ideal.

We spoke with Nasa Hadizadeh, founder of Alt Citizen and the brains behind Alt Space, about what was going on. “Our space has been doing great as a destination spot, but it’s just this weird walk,” she said. Instead of paying rent to be kitty corner from a cop shop and in the middle of a sleepy, mostly-families kind of zone in Williamsburg, they’d prefer to be in Bushwick, Nasa explained.

While Alt Space isn’t ready to officially announce their new space just yet (details are still being finalized), Nasa hinted toward an upcoming adventure (which we’ll tell you about more next week) that’s going to take place in the interim.

The inspiration for Alt Space’s next undertaking came from the musicians who Nasa has encountered through her position as editor-in-chief at Alt Citizen. “I’ve learned so much about managing a business from following musicians and seeing how they manage to get people to listen to their music, because I think that’s probably the hardest thing to do, as opposed to selling someone a bag or an art piece,” she said.

We do have this and a tweet to go on, though:


Things are wrapping up rather quickly at their current space, but right now there’s a show on view curated by Grace Miceli of Art Baby Gallery (she also put together Girls at Night on the Internet) called The Daydreamers, which focuses on work by young up-and-coming artists. The final art exhibition at the Montrose Alt Space opens on January 29 and will feature a collaboration with Brooklyn electro-pop artist Picture Plane. Expect a new physical space sometime this summer.