If there was any question as to whether Williamsburg has reached its peak as a major Destination-with-a-capital-D, this new video about a foodie tour of the increasingly tony nabe’s “gourmet food scene” settles it.

If your knowledge of Brooklyn stops at vicariously living through your favorite characters on 2 Broke Girls, and all the Bushwick parties you’ve ever attended were actually just drinking Coronas in front of the TV while watching Girls, well, first of all, it seems you have a very limited understanding of how big and diverse Brooklyn really is. But also, the good people at Like a Local say they’ve got just the “not your average New York food tour” for you. (Though somebody’s got to tell these people that The Bedford Stop is a little more “right now” than Lena Dunham and some geriatric network’s vision of life in Williamsburg.)

Tour guide and company founder Lauren Beebe starts out by introducing Williamsburg as a creative sort of place, a nabe that just so happens to have a ton of really fancy, expensive feeding establishments. “This neighborhood really developed because it was inexpensive for artists to live here,” she says, right before a very long, very awkward pause. Right.

For $50, you too can join a hoard of white people dressed in microfleece and yoga gear as they shuffle around from places you’ve probably hit once or twice, Pies N Thies, Milk Bar, and Best Pizza, among others. Participants are given seven separate opportunities to gobble up guilt-free portions of expensive food that when taken all together require an immediate trip to the nearest Soul Cycle. Lucky for the tourists, they appear to be dressed– elastic waistlines for belly growth, breathable material for the meat sweats, and water resistant fabric for all the shame ellipticals they’re gonna be doing afterwards– for the whole affair from beginning to end.

We jest, but tbh, Like a Local looks like the perfect thing to send your relatives off to when they come a-holidaying and you don’t know what to do with them. “I’ve been to all these places :(” you can text them. Tell them to bring you back a cake truffle and you can thank us later.

We reached out to Lauren Beebe to learn more about the tour. For out-of-towners who only know Williamsburg as a hipster haunt, Beebe, the tour’s founder, hopes that the neighborhood’s smart, influential side will be revealed. “I think people are surprised by the uniqueness and the quality of what’s going on,” she said. “Williamsburg is not just an internet meme, it’s not just all about hipsters, there are some really special food entrepreneurs that I think are influencing global food trends.”

Beebe has lived in the neighborhood since 2009 and she may not be an artist, but she’s watched even her Williamsburg fall victim to the wheels of development at times. “Unfortunately, I’ve seen some of my favorite local haunts close in favor of chains moving in,” she said, though it still remains her favorite place in New York. Like a Local is a local company after all and does do a great job of spotlighting North Brooklyn businesses. “Amazingly, I still think the neighborhood has a lot of room to grow,” she added. “Though I know anyone who takes the L train in the morning might grumble at that.”

Williamsburg Bites tours take place every Saturday at 2 p.m. in the winter. $50.