SantaCon is coming to Williamsburg on Saturday, despite a noble effort to rebrand it Santana Con. According to an official map, the red menace will kick off at McCarren Park at 10am and move on to Verboten, Viva Toro, The Hall, and Villan, as it’s misspelled on the map. (From there, it’s on to the Lower East Side, where at least one would-be SantaCon partner has pulled out of the merriment.) Bedford + Bowery called up some other Greenpoint-Williamsburg watering holes and asked if they too will be receiving Santas, naughty or nice. We got a stockingful of responses, ranging from Christmas cheer to many a sneer. Here’s who’ll be saying “Ho ho ho,” and who’ll be saying “No no no.”


Union Pool
In case the above image posted to their Facebook page isn’t clear, here’s an email from their booking manager: “Union Pool’s policy on SantaCon is as follows: ‘NO’. Thanks for asking.”

Turkey’s Nest
Turkey’s Nest is just a few blocks from Verboten, where the Santas will kick off their day-long party. The neighborhood joint usually opens at 10 a.m. but owner Steve Ehresman says he’ll stay closed until the Santas move on. Any stragglers will be limited to one drink. Ehresman said he’s in contact with the local precinct and wants his establishment to be part of the community, which he says is largely against SantaCon. Ehresman is also personally against SantaCon. “Christmas is a very religious time for me,” he said. “I don’t think drunk Santas walking around is a good thing for kids to see.”

Over the Eight
From an email: “Our policy regarding SantaCon is firmly NO SANTAS. We don’t really think it will be effecting us very much regardless but we don’t condone that kind [of] behavior and will not be allowing any of their participants on premises on Saturday. STAND STRONG AGAINST SANTAS!”

Mugs Alehouse 
“No Santas allowed,” a bartender told us.

Kinfolk 90
“We have no problem with SantaCon existing, but we will not be participating. We find it disruptive to our everyday business,” said Felipe Delerme, Kinfolk 90’s communications director.

“We don’t support it. We have ‘No Santas’ signs up,” said Jon, a bartender.

“Our policy is ‘No Santas’ at Torst,” said Joey Pepper, a bartender and beer buyer for Luksus, the restaurant that operates in the same building. “This is the first year we’ll be dealing with it. We know it a little too well and so we are not going to participate.”


Roebling Sporting Club 
We spoke with Sean Rawlinson, owner of the sports bar on Roebling Street and North 8th Street. He also owns The Bedford, an American gastropub on Bedford Avenue and North 11th. “The Bedford is more a brunch place in the morning and early afternoon. We won’t turn anyone away unless they’re out of control. Roebling is actually encouraging SantaCon to pay a visit,” he said. Rawlinson said he reached out to SantaCon organizers, but never heard back. That hasn’t stopped Roebling from wanting to join the merriment. “We are bringing in plastic cups and we will be making Jell-O shots,” Rawlinson said. He isn’t concerned about the participants since they’ll take their drunker selves to Manhattan. “It’s an issue where they end, not where they start,” he said.

The Whiskey Brooklyn
Here’s a statement from the Whiskey Brooklyn: “We will be allowing ‘Santas’ to join us this year, so long as they’re not being naughty. In other words, we have a discretionary door policy at all times that prohibits the entrance of anyone who is visibly intoxicated. This is out of consideration for the safety of all parties involved.” The bar asks Santas to “keep the holiday spirit alive with kindness and generosity, sans debauchery.”

Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern
“Rosemary is not worried about it,” said Mary, a bartender. “She doesn’t care. Last year we got them in the very beginning so they weren’t shitfaced. It’ll be business as usual. I actually hope we get them, because it’s early on in the day.”


“We’ve been here for 15 years and have hosted the World Cup, so we can handle it. But we’ll use common sense. Pretty sure we’ll accept them and can cut them off it gets too rowdy,” a bartender told us.

Radegast Hall and Biergarten
“They’re welcome but we have no special arrangements for them,” said Radegast Manager Tea Del Castillo.

The Levee
“We let whoever come in. I don’t speak for everybody, but I don’t think we are really thrilled about it. Every year it’s douchey. It’s usually a bunch of people who don’t drink and go out once a year and get obliterated. I don’t think the owners would ever turn them away. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I support freedom of speech. They’re free to be douchebags,” said a bartender.