TTW - East Village Street Corner

Photo: Joel Raskin

Supporters of the development-threatened Simper Verde Garden on the Lower East Side are claiming victory after learning that the city will reportedly transfer control of the garden to the Parks Department. [The Lo-Down NY]

This week Mayor de Blasio pledged to keep the potential Bushwick Inlet Park real estate condominium-free. [Brooklyn Paper]

A $10K online fundraising campaign is underway to help those who’ve been homeless since Tuesday’s deadly fire at 30 Richardson Street in Williamsburg. [DNA Info]

The city’s first free public Wi-Fi kiosk, recently installed on Third Avenue, will soon help East Villagers get online. [Gothamist]

On Keep Street, a new shop called Geek Forest is helping aspiring engineers craft their own robots. [Brooklyn Paper]

Three restaurant suppliers have recently vacated Bowery for new digs elsewhere. [Bowery Boogie]

Today Show life coach Lisa Nichols will kick off the year at Strand on Tuesday evening by promoting her new book, Abundance Now. 

And all three Baskin-Robbins locations between Houston and E. 14th Street will sell a scoop of ice cream for $1.31 today. [NY Daily News]