What’s the holiday season without The Bedford Stop? It’s hard to imagine how we’d get through this consumerist feeding frenzy without the girls’ mantra: “hashtag credit card debt, hashtag fuck it, hashtag YOLO!” Well, thankfully we don’t have to face such an awful scenario because the painfully realest show in all of Brooklyn is back with another new clip wherein the girls celebrate the holidays. Will they drink the SantaCon revelers under the table? Will their ugly sweater party plans be thwarted by this unseasonable season? Are you biting your nails yet? We thought so.

Last time we saw Alex and Olena, they were downing plastic chalices of white wine at a Brooklyn Nets game. As if the booze has stopped flowing. In this clip, we find the girls preparing for an ugly sweater holiday party. Alex pulls something safe together– I mean, please, nobody wants to actually look ugly at a party. But as you might have anticipated, Olena’s more inclined to go a bit crazy with the costume prompt. She describes her getup to Alex as “gothic stripper mom goes to a Christmas party.” Needless to say, we can’t argue with that assessment.
To our surprise, the girls are so not into SantaCon and express their desire to stay far, far away from the plague of nihilistic red-bellied puke machines. In fact, the girls disapprove of the annual noxious swarm of buffoonery so much, that Olena suggests she might flee the city. “I actually might go to my parents house in New Jersey and hide,” she says. Not a bad idea.
Our favorite moment, however, has got to be Olena’s rapturous gyrating when she “yankee swaps” her way into a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant. Can you guess where she likes to get her feast on? Here are a couple of hints: Ebola, bros.
We asked Mikey when we should expect a full eppy to drop. “Probably shortly after the new year,” he said. “We’re going to film some stuff in Miami, a bunch of them will be down there for Christmas.” Rejoice.