After you’ve snagged a copy of Felines of New York, you’ll want somewhere to go read it. And what better place than at a cat cafe? The Lower East Side now has two–count em, two–of them, with the recent opening of Koneko.

As with Meow Parlour, you can adopt the cats at Koneko (“kitten” in Japanese). “It’s a new approach to adoption,” says owner Benjamin Kalb, “because many people who go to shelters see cats at their worst—malnourished, sick–and here, they’re calm and in a cat-friendly environment and that allows for their personalities to shine, and I think ultimately entices people to adopt the cats.”

Unlike Meow Parlour, the room where the cats are kept is connected to the café, but protected by a glass wall. There’s also another room downstairs and an outdoor patio, or “catio,” where the cats can roam and take cat naps. It costs $15 to spend an hour in the “cattery” with the cats and their toys. Reservations are recommended, but walk-ins are welcomed.

Have a look at our video and meet the furry felines of Koneko.