(Photos: Scott Lynch)

The best holiday of the year set off waves of joy and craziness on Saturday, and we’re not talking about Halloween. Bike Kill, the annual celebration of freaky pedal-powered things and getting drunk while riding them, took over a semi-secluded industrial lot deep in Bushwick and, as you might expect, much delirious mayhem ensued.

Bike Kill traditionally falls on the last Saturday of October, and the location is usually quietly announced the week before.

Organized by the legendary, tall-bike-riding Black Label Bike Club, Bike Kill 13 featured a fleet of brilliantly monstrous mutant bikes, tons of booze, gleeful smashes and crashes, rude costumes, excellent loud music, wild races and competitions, projectiles hurled (stale pitas again the missile of choice), sabotage rendered, and longtime friends having a blast together.

Click through our slideshow to relive the fantastic day.