We’re stuck between seasons here but in the best way possible, experiencing the best of fall and summer all between sun up and sun down. That’s why this week we’re bringing you everything from a sizzling time at the very last Riis Park Beach Bazaar show by the water to a dark rager deep inside the belly of our favorite metal bar. Jump for deets.

Shifted, Skarn, 400PPM
Wednesday, September 23, 9 pm at Saint Vitus: $15 advance, $20 at the door
The ever popular Tinnitus music series returns this week, and we think it’s perfect timing for another one of their boundary pushing, pop-be-damned affairs. Because face it– industrial blips and dark techno are exactly what you need to keep you going hump day.
This time around, Tinnitus is focusing on artists who are the international who’s-who in dark techno. Bring your friends who like to dance, just don’t let them call it EDM.
Skarn is Italian producer Alessandro Cortini, whose minimal synth creations are at once soothing and haunting. Apparently the guy’s never been on stage in NYC before, so be the first amongst your pals and neighbors to drift off into Skarn’s meditative sounds that rely on little more than heartbeat-like simplicity to get the point across.
Shifted is headlining for a reason– the UK’s Guy Brewer is the master of subtle sonic formations. There’s so much incredible depth to his tracks that listeners will be hard pressed to isolate actual changes from perceived ones. Are we simply imagining the track’s process as a result of auditory hallucinations, a sonic mirage?
No less exciting is the inclusion of 400PPM aka Shawn O’Sullivan, the Brooklyn-based DJ and producer who deserves a deep bow for this new direction he appears to be taking towards a balance of futurist cyborg music and some deeply nasty sounds that could just as easily be emanating from some depraved demon’s mouth as they could from a pile of synths and chords.

Child Abuse, Silk Purse, Lydia Lunch with Weasel Walter and Sandy Ewen, and a surprise special guest
Wednesday, September 23, 8 pm at the Acheron: $10
If all of the above is too melodic for you, consider this show featuring Child Abuse. While the headliners play weird proggy funk noise that ends up sounding like early Korn (hey, if we’re embracing the ’90s, we might as well go all the way, right?), there’s plenty else to love about this show.
Silk Purse is a newish band with members of beloved noise rock outfit Sightings, who went under earlier this summer after 15 years together. High hopes are in order. But better yet, prepare yourself for a performance by Lydia Lunch, backed by bassist/drummer Weasel Walter and artist/avant-garde musician Sandy Ewen. If this show goes anything like her spoken word show went last spring, things are gonna be nothing short of fiery.

(Photo via Facebook)

(Photo via Facebook)

Perfect Pussy, Show Me the Body, Guerrilla Toss, Pawns, Ghost Dads
Saturday, Sept. 26, 12 pm at Riis Park Beach Bazaar: FREE
When frontmen and women start to become all Stars They’re Just Like Us! on us and suddenly seem to be putting more effort into telling people how little they care about how they look while simultaneously appearing in photo shoot after glamorous photo shoot, we begin to feel a little bit like we’ve been kidnapped with a bag over our head and dumped in house of unholy consumer worship before a large, painted icon depicting their beautiful visage. My first thought was, “Goddammit, where’s the door?”
This feeling is particularly potent when said front person heads a “punk” band, and suddenly the band’s rebellious message and raw attitude and grit seem watered down or worse, fraudulent. But the more we think about it, the more it makes sense. Perfect Pussy was always meant to be commercially viable– the naughty but passable name, a sound that’s more influenced by At The Drive In than, say, Flipper– so we can’t fault them for acting like a product these days.
Has their live show stood up to the noxious influence of shopping blogs and gushy bloggers? Well, you can go see them this weekend and find out. You legit have nothing to lose seeing as the show is free, and the rest of the lineup is guaranteed rad, see especially: Pawns and Guerrilla Toss.

Advaeta, Psychic Blood, Pill, Dreamcrusher
Saturday, Sept. 26, 8 pm at Alphaville: $8
Advaeta manage to pull of a very special kind of shoegaze– it’s dreamier, buzzier, and more uplifting than their predecessors. We can’t say their sound is totally unfamiliar, but it feels fresh enough against a back drop of icier pursuits.
And, hey, surprise! Noise rockers Psychic Blood have a new EP they’re celebrating the release of on Saturday. If you don’t feel like crushing the dang thing at the show, you can order the new 12″ record, Alienhere. The EP comes after an extended silence from the band, who we haven’t heard any new recordings outta since 2013. On Alien they’ve maintained their same heady mix of scuzz a whimsy, but they seem to be flying backwards into muddier territory at the same time. Needless to say, we like.