Still from Sam Cooke’s Every Good Boy Does Fine, 2015 (Image Courtesy of THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER)

One thing’s for sure, you never know what the present will bring at “THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER,” a 90-minute lineup of short films coming to Nitehawk this Wednesday, August 5. So join the filmmakers for a potluck-style meal in McCarren Park before the screening (there’s only so many picnic-worthy weeks of summer left) and top it off with drinks at Crown Victoria after the show.


Still from Dominique Palladino’s Beat It, 2015 (Image courtesy of THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER).

“The title ‘THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER’ is less of a statement about the future and more of a look at the way artists are engaging with the now,” said the event’s organizer, Andrea McGinty. “The common thread throughout the films is a focus on the present and an honest look at the culture that brought us to where we are today.”


Still from Ben Dowell’s Untitled (Doritos commercial), 2006 (Image Courtesy of THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER)

The lineup promises to feature films that range from “narrative to experimental, relatable to weird.” Many of the artists and filmmakers are New York based, but the festival also features artists from Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Canada. “I curated the work from artists I have been engaging with and excited by in the pursuit of my own artwork,” said McGinty, whose own work was shown at the Nitehawk Shorts Festival last year.

All the proceeds from the screening will be donated to Bruce High Quality Foundation University, known as “New York City’s freest art school,” and “a learning experiment where artists work together to manifest creative, productive, resistant, useless, and demanding interactions between art and the world,” to quote McGinty’s press release for the event.

“I worked with BHQFU on the last screening I curated and discovered several of the artists involved in [THE FUTURE] through attending classes and events at the school,” she told us, adding that the picnic and after party are great opportunities for anyone who’s interested to learn more abut the artists and the school.

THE FUTURE IS WHATEVER is part of Nitehawk Cinema’s Art Seen programming. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5. Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Ave (Williamsburg). Tickets $15.