East 4th Street’s sidewalk, between Avenues A and B, became a catwalk earlier today for dozens (we heard rumors of more than 100) actors in some of the most awesomely funkadelic garb to be seen in the neighborhood since 1979. They were spotted hanging out in front of the Metropolitan Playhouse, where according to notices posted throughout the neighborhood Martin Scorsese was filming his upcoming HBO show about NYC’s rock and scene in the 1970’s.

The series is produced by Scorsese and Mick Jagger and stars Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano Olivia Wilde and Andrew “Dice” Clay. Sadly we didn’t spot Marty, but these outfits more than made up for it. Makeup artist Ivy Ermet was having a great day putting the finishing touches on the retro looks. “It was incredible,” she said of the experience. “The costume and hair are so inspirational, and the standard of perfection, because it’s a Scorcese film, is just incredible.”