TTW - Artsy Entrance

(Photo: Joel Raskin)

The East Village proprietor of Mr. Charlie’s Pet Services, Charlie Romonofsky, died last Friday at the age of 57. [EV Grieve] No one was injured and firefighters quickly quelled the flames at 410 East 6th Street early Sunday afternoon. [PIX 11] Yesterday B&H Dairy, a victim of this spring’s East Village gasline explosion, revealed that they hope to be back in business by the end of July. [Bowery Boogie]
A new 18-bed homeless shelter named after late Golden Girl Bea Arthur is bound for E. 13th Street next year. [DNA Info] East Village mac and cheese joint S’MAC will ring in its ninth birthday today with $1 servings of its All-American Nosh. [EV Grieve] Scroll through photos taken during a recent Bushwick performance by Acro-Cats, a Chicago-based cat circus. [Gothamist]