Leo Fitzpatrick is a busy mayor of the Lower East Side these days: not only is he due to appear alongside Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson at BAM’s sold-out 20th anniversary screening of Kids (yep, Telly et al are turning 20 — hence that giant line in Soho a couple of weeks ago for the release of the Kids x Supreme capsule collection), but he recently became a director of the Marlborough Chelsea gallery. Last time we spoke to him, he was heading to the Denver Film Festival as the star of Doomsdays, a dark comedy that finally hits theaters this Friday.
11350626_856008821103620_8242586354379276601_nFitzpatrick plays Bruho, a man of few words who teams up with a much more grandiloquent ne’er-do-well, Dirty Fred, to crash unoccupied Catskills summer homes a la North Pond Hermit. As you can see from the film’s poster, Bruho knows how to make his silence golden by smashing cars with a tire iron in what’s either a manifestation of his obsession with peak oil or simple sadism (watch the film and you tell us). In the exclusive clip above, the man you see lying on the road is Fitzpatrick’s co-star Justin Rice of Bishop Allen, who’ll be appearing with director Eddie Mullins at the film’s theatrical premiere at the Pavilion in Park Slope this Friday at 8pm. (Your humble Bedford + Bowery editor will be appearing as well, as moderator).
Doomsdays is also playing at Cinemart in Forest Hills and other theaters nationwide. Watch it and you’ll have plenty of cabin porn to tide you over until the book comes out.