Joe Wong, Paul Af, Dan Hamburger.

Joe Wong, Paul Aftanas, Dan Hamburger.

At 2:30am this past Tuesday, having just flown in from San Diego, Dan Hamburger pulled up to Cotton Candy Machine’s rain-soaked curb. With the Williamsburg gallery’s annual Tiny Trifecta art show just four short days away, Hamburger was taking no chances.
“Man, was I relieved to see that scaffolding,” he recalled in an interview outside the gallery yesterday.
Settling in for the stormy night ahead, the avid art collector slept soundly under his temporary roof, content in the knowledge that he had achieved his ambition. He was first in line.
“Its our only show where we don’t do a pre-sale,” said Cole Tucker, an employee of Cotton Candy, as Hamburger conducted his morning ablutions in the store’s bathroom.
Attendants of Saturday’s show are each allotted a pick of two artworks, all priced at $100, on a first-come, first-served basis. With over 100 popular artists (such as Killer Acid, Tina Lugo, even Scott C.) each contributing three pieces to the show, Hamburger’s motives were clear.
first in line from right: Dan Hamburger, Paul Aftanas, Joe Wong (photo: Rob Scher)

first in line from right: Dan Hamburger, Paul Aftanas, Joe Wong (photo: Rob Scher)

“The price is really what makes this show special,” explained Tucker, “because it’s these big-name people who can usually sell work for far more, doing these smaller pieces. It gives everyone a chance to buy some art.”
For Hamburger, it’s clearly not his first time at the rodeo. “I was first in line last year, too,” he boasted, standing beside his camping chair/bed.
“It’s all a healthy competition. We’re all friends, really,” said Joe Wong, number three in line, adding, “Some people call us collectors, others say hoarders.”
A preview of what's in store. (Cotton Candy Machine's Facebook)

A preview of what’s in store. (Cotton Candy Machine’s Facebook)

Asked who their first pick was for Saturday, the answer was unanimous. “We’re all here for Esau, he did oil paintings this year,” exclaimed number two, Paul Aftanas, with Hamburger following excitedly on. “As soon as I saw that, I was like, ‘I’m flying out.”
With the masses expected at any minute, Hamburger – who remained pretty quiet, when asked about his day job – rests easy knowing he’s got first dibs.
“By the time the show opens, I’ll have been in line for one hundred and twelve and a half hours!”
Tiny Trifecta opens on Saturday June 6th from 7pm to 11pm, with pre-registration beginning at 4pm. Any remaining unsold pieces from the show will go on sale on the website early next week.