Throughout history, few human endeavors have managed to capture poetry in motion quite like the flailing neon limbs of the “dancing inflatable man.” Of course, there are the critics, ready to object, arguing against the integrity of these fine inflated forms, tarnished from years spent encouraging the sale of used cars. But, it’s precisely for that reason, contained within their mesmerizing dance – and their power to drive the multitudes into inadvisable purchases of “lemons” – that the true cosmic wonder of these magical tubes exist.
And yet there are those, willing to fight for the tubes right to paaaaaaaartay. Andrew White, a Bushwick resident and freelance photographer, is one such individual.
His Kickstarter project, which ends in less than an hour, at 3pm today, aspires to bring to life four 20-foot tall air-dancing inflatables on his roof this weekend as part of a public art display for Bushwick Open Studios. (Update: It’s funded!) And, if inhibited plastic choreography isn’t artful enough, the tubes will also be decorated by artists like this guy.
“I dunno, it just came to me,” said White over the phone, recalling the moment inspiration struck. “I just saw this family of these dudes that are just painted in like, crazy patterns, just waving on the roof. It was just like a vision that came to me, you know?”
With White’s apartment just 100 feet from the tracks of the M train, his hope is to spread some joy into commuter’s lives and really open up the open studios.
“I look at the people on those trains all the time and they look so sad, they’re hardly ever looking out, they don’t look around, they look depressed. I always wave, and literally a whole car train will go by and not a single person will look at me.”
With the clock ticking and the project almost at its goal, White feels confident they’ll reach their target.
“I’ve already placed the ‘air dancers’ in the amazon cart, and have a place to rent the vents from. My only worry now is the cops…”
For those inspired to donate to more “traditional” artistic projects in the build-up to this weekend’s festivities: while not offering the wind-filled whimsy of air dancers, you can donate your noble dollars to this Mandela wall.