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Los Angeles is the new Brooklyn, according to a provocative Sunday Styles piece that described ever fed-up New Yorkers packing their bags to head West. Quoting a transplant who said L.A. is like a “grown-up version of Williamsburg, without the gray cloud,” the article generated so much buzz on Twitter that it’s clear nobody had major plans this weekend. We’ve gathered the best reactions here for your pleasure.

Wait, haven’t we read this before?

A few tweets showcased the ongoing NYC v. LA feud.


Moby, the once strong proponent of the gritty Lower East Side, relocated to an LA mansion last year. He was happy the Times had finally vindicated his decision.

Others sent reminders of the more serious issues in California.

Tons pointed to the shortcomings of the article. 2.

— Jake Kastrenakes (@jake_k) May 4, 2015

But — and we weren’t the only ones to wonder — was it all just a ploy?

If so, well played New York Times. You almost broke the internet.