(Photo: Mellow Pages Library Facebook)

(Photo: Mellow Pages Library Facebook)

On Tuesday, Matt Nelson and Jacob Perkins, founders of Bushwick independent library and reading room Mellow Pages, announced on Facebook that their literary hangout, in its current form at least, will cease to exist at the end of the month. They’re making like many writers before them and saying later gator to New York City.

Here’s Mellow Pages Facebook farewell:

Dear dear one,
welp, the time has come to say see you later. We, Matt and Jacob, are stepping out of our New York pant suits and putting on whatever everyone else wears elsewhere. BUT that does not mean the death and destruction of Mellow Pages Library. Instead, we’re super excited to say that it will be in the hands of our highly capable, extremely intelligent, most amazing friends. They’re going to restart the library sometime in the near, near future and we’ll fill you in on all the cool new ways they’re going to make Mellow even more mellow as developments occur.

In the meantime, if you’re a member and somehow missed the prior email, now is the time to pick up your books. We’ve got until May 31st to be completely out, and we want to slim down the collection to just small press books and make sure there’s money for the future of the library. That means everything (that’s not small press) is for sale starting this weekend. Let us know if you’d like to hold your books for you, otherwise they’ll be added to the MUST GO pile.

If you’re not a member, come to the remaining events of the year or stop by to buy some books!

For our small press kin, thank you for believing in us and supporting us by either sending books or your authors for events. Before the library has a secured home, you can still send books for the future collection. Just message Mellow Pages (mellowpageslibrary@gmail.com or a fb message) and we’ll give you an address.

Thank you for searing this first installment of Mellow Pages into our hearts,


Larry Bird and Lazarus
(Matt and Jacob)

In the meantime, Mellow Pages still has a full month of programming ahead of it (and who knows, maybe a final farewell bash in the works?) including a reading happening tonight featuring some Brooklyn-based poets and writers Alexandra Wuest, Nicole Reber, and Ruby Bronton.

The library opened its doors back in February 2013 and has hosted a ton of memorable events and generally kept an increasingly Bedford Avenue-esque corner of Bushwick (i.e. the Morgan stop) at least a little bit weird.