Brooklyn Bazaar is changing it up on Sunday, April 19 for Bust Craftacular’s Primped, an event dedicated to providing goods and services for the ladies and gents out there who tend toward grooming and elaborate face painting rituals. We’re talking about a full day of beauty of course.

If this sounds like exotic, unfamiliar territory then seriously listen up, you probably need all the help you can get. It’s like that Discharge song :“You got acne all over your face/ See a doctor/ What a disgrace/Get some face cream.” Solid advice.

And hey, don’t fret if you’re broke, admission is only $5 and if you get there early you can reap the freebies offered by Bust magazine and dozens of participating vendors. Dr. Bronner’s is one of the sponsors, so if you’re into having an all-natural fire in your loins, we’re guessing you’ll be pleased with the grab bag offerings.

The first 300 people to show up will get a free mystery swag bag and all day long you can count on tons more free-as-hell offerings including a braid bar, nail art “oasis,” tarot readings, temporary tattoos, and a photo booth. If one of your spring resolutions was to look more like our favorite Satanic gallerist, JJ Brine (W.W.JJ.D.?), this is your chance to grip a free flower crown in his likeness.

If you’re into the whole exchanging money for goods thing (pshh) there will also be plenty of opportunity for consumer-producer bonding. Many of the beauty vendors are local small manufacturers who make all-natural, small-batch beauty products, which means you can smell like an adult rather than a tween dipped in Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle Company.

Wild See Apothecary, for example, sources their skin care ingredients from plants native to the Hudson Valley. Herban Lifestyle also uses natural, plant-based materials for their “cleansing grains.” Wait, do “bath salts” suddenly have a bad rap or something? Clothing vendors and jewelry vendors will be on hand, including– you guessed it– purveyors of tie-dye.

Bust Magazine Craftacular’s Primped will be held at Brooklyn Bazaar, 165 Banker Street in Greenpoint on Sunday, April 19 from 11 am to 6 pm.