(Record Store Day)

(Record Store Day)

Everyone knows the quickest way to turn your lame tech-bro pad from drab to authentic cool is to fill it with a bunch of vinyl. Just, please, if you’re going to do that at least take the records outside of their plastic casing and rough them up a bit so it looks like you actually listen to them. Oh, and hot tip: make sure you actually have a record player, too — extra points for knowing how to turn it on.

Just kidding, records are back and have been back in a big, big way and Record Store Day (happening Saturday, April 18) is sort of a little bit responsible for hyping vinyl back into relevance. And really, it was just a matter of time before Millennials like us understood the value of having a physical object in this increasingly digital world replete with emptiness.

Yeah, so buying records is an expensive habit but then again so is drinking alcohol not-alone. But if you’ve got the cash, there’s not a reason I can think of you should be missing out on Record Store Day. The deals! The rarities! And lucky for you a bunch of our favorite vinyl shoppes are participating. Check out our list below of what’s in store.

(Photo: Rough Trade Facebook)

(Photo: Rough Trade Facebook)

Rough Trade (64 North 9th Street, Williamsburg)

What to expect:

Don’t be deterred by the L train shut down (the city does have a pretty incredible bus system, people) because Rough Trade boasts over 4,000 RSD titles and you can start rifling through them starting at 9 am. Also, the Dresden Dolls will be reuniting for a show happening at 6pm and the Buzzcocks and Kim Gordon will be on hand for signing records at 1pm. See the full schedule of events here.


The first 60 customers get a free RSD poster designed and autographed by Kosmo Vinyl (record producer and formerly sometimes manager of the Clash).

Records to grip:

Alex Chilton, Jesus Christ ($9.99)– a 7″ of unreleased tracks from the 1975 Arden Recording Studio sessions that didn’t make it on to Bach’s Bottom (Chilton’s second solo album).


Iggy Pop, Shot Myself Up ($36.99)- We worship all things Monsieur Pop, so you better believe we’re freaking drooling over this limited edition (300 copies WTH?!) LP of recordings from when David Bowie and Iggy were at probably the most wild and drugged-out stage of their love affair, after The Idiot in March 1977 when the pair were halfway through their North American tour.

(Other Music Facebook)

(Other Music Facebook)

Other Music (15 East 4th Street, NoHo)

What to expect: The shop will be open from 10 am to 8 pm, but the owners are being clammy about what exactly they’ll have in stock and how many of said coveted records they’ll be packing. There will be performances throughout the day by indie rock bands 75 Dollar Bill (noon), Mantana Roberts (3 pm), and Laraaji (5 pm).

Freebies: Other Music is giving away portable special edition Dogfish Head Crosley turntables — yes as in the beer (we know, we know, capitalism is really, really strange)– to people who sacrifice their dignity on social media for at least a moment by taking a photo of someone or something at the store and using various hashtags when posting: #RSD15, @dogfishbeer, and @othermusic (Twitter) or @other_music (Instagram). Sounds pretty easy, and boy oh boy is there opportunity for getting obnoxious with that one.

Records to grip: ????

(Photo: Earwax Records Facebook)

(Photo: Earwax Records Facebook)

Earwax Records (167 North 9th Street, Williamsburg)

What to expect: The shop, which was voted one of the 12 best record stores in NYC, opens at 10 am. Other than that, the store isn’t offering much. “We have a limited amount of space really, so just the limited releases are enough for us,” a clerk told us over the phone. But hey, if you’re not really down for all the hullaballoo and just want to shop for RSD records in peace, this might be your best option.

Freebies: None that we know of.

Records to grip: Owner Fabio Roberti told the Village Voice he was most looking forward to these two records. V/A, Thai Pop Spectacular – This amazing sounding Thai pop compilation offers up a wide variety of hits from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Obvious influences are surf, funk, and rock n’ roll and less obvious ones include traditional Thai music. Vocals in a tonal language are fantastically weird sounding to the Western rock trained ear and Thai pop musicians seem to have a special penchant for adorable duets.


Miles Davis, The Prestige (volume 2)– This set of five reproduced 10 inch records comprises the second part in the ten record series. According to RSD, “the legendary Prestige recordings are amongst the all-time classics in the genre.” And this is Miles Davis we’re talking here, does he really need an introduction?

Academy Records Annex (85 Oak Street, Greenpoint)

What to expect: Both the East Village and Greenpoint stores will be open from 10 am to 8 pm tomorrow. At the Annex location Steve Gunn (singer-songwriter formerly of Kurt Vile’s band) will perform at 7 pm.

Freebies: Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and donuts will be handed out to the early birds. Get it.

Records to grip: In addition to the RSD special records, Academy is also putting out some special and rare used vinyl. Though they are being clammy about what official RSD releases they’ll have in stock.


Other participating record stores: Record Grouch (986 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint), Deadly Dragon Sound (102-B Forsyth Street, Lower East Side), and A1 Records (439 East 6th Street, East Village). See the full list here.