Hot Tub Me Machine 2

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Though still unproven, investigators say the working theory about the East Village explosion is that “one or more gas lines were surreptitiously tapped over several months; then the siphoning apparatus was dismantled or hidden on Thursday before Consolidated Edison conducted an inspection. As soon as the utility inspectors left, an attempt to resume the diversion of gas went awry, setting off the explosion, according to two law enforcement sources with knowledge of this working theory.” [NY Times]

“The building that caused the massive explosion in the East Village last week previously had a fire that stemmed from faulty wiring that was blamed on the landlord, court records show.” [DNAinfo]

Across the street from the blast site, “the city issued an emergency work-stoppage order on renovations at 128 Second Ave. on Monday after discovering what appeared to be at least one gas pipe in its basement being hooked up without a permit.” [NY Post]

Just after midnight on Friday, two thieves robbed a couple on Woodpoint Road in in Greenpoint. And several assailants in a Jeep shattered a fellow driver’s window with a baseball bat and stole his phone Saturday morning before dawn on McGuinness Avenue. [Brooklyn Paper]

See architecture plans for a pair of massive apartment buildings intended for the future addresses at 37 and 41 Blue Slip, part of the Greenpoint Landing overhaul. [NY Yimby]

A new three-story, 75-unit development is in the works for 84 N. 3rd Street in Williamsburg. [NY Yimby]

Kickstarter success story Sweet and Shiny bakery is on the market in Bushwick. [Bushwick Daily]

Three Per Se veterans opened a Hawaiian restaurant called Noreetuh at 128 First Avenue in the East Village. [Grub Street]

This afternoon from 4 to 7 p.m., eyewear purveyor Warby Parker revamps its Soho store as Warby Barker, boasting canine portcraiture and treats. [The Skint]

On Friday, The Bodega will celebrate its first anniversary with cake and wine. Also in Bushwick, Cafe Ghia will mark its fourth birthday with a day of free coffee and drink specials. [Bushwick BOMB]

Read a profile of Vice magazine’s first female editor-in-chief, Ellis Jones. [Daily Intelligencer]

Union Square’s homeless fashion designer Wendell stars in the latest episode of the 8-part doc No Your City.