11070082_10205082200627238_7206259708723299086_oDo you sneer at the Iron Man franchise? Do Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey provide you with positively no ironic pleasure? Did you feel that Boyhood was just another celebration of the magic of white male experience? Well, perhaps underground film is more your thing then. And if there’s one thing we can never get enough of it’s avant-garde art and experimental work because, like, isn’t that what living in New York City is all about? Well, maybe it used to be. But let’s make it that way again.

Aviv is stepping up to this hallowed plate by expanding their programming beyond just music sounds. This Sunday evening, the Greenpoint DIY venue will host what’s looking to be a majorly chill screening of Human Host, a film by Mike Apichella, an artist spawned from the Baltimore DIY scene. The film documents the antics of Apichella’s long-running performance art collective of the same name. See the messed-up trailer below to get a feel for what these guys are into.

Is it nasty? You’re damn straight. Is that my favorite word of 2015? Yep. But people, there’s more. In addition to Human Host, a rare sight indeed even on the esoteric, obscure, indie, what-have-you film circuit, Aviv will also screen shorts by local yokels including Owen Kline (yep, brother of Frankie Cosmos), Claire Epstein, and Barbarism (a self-described “gender-upending multimedia outfit”). Goodbye, Boyhood!

But Aviv hints the event will be a testing-the-waters kind of deal. “This will also be Aviv’s very first movie event, so if you want more d.i.y. underground cinema events to happen in Bk then you really need to come out to this,” they write on Facebook. If that’s not reason enough to go check this out, just think about whatever else you might be doing on Sunday night. We’re guessing it’s not much cooler than wallowing in bed on the edge of hangover furiously flipping through all the terrible options made available by Netflix. You’ll probably fall asleep like you always do, long before you can decide on which Korean soap opera you’re gonna binge watch next or which version of Keira Knightley you’re going to intermittently adore and scowl at. 

“The Human Host” is screening Sunday April 12, 5:30 pm at Aviv 496 Morgan Ave, Greenpoint; tickets $5 at the door.