CDDILUhW4AASI0jThe greatest show not on television is coming to Not TV. If today isn’t proof enough that smokers come from all walks of life, your favorite stoner advocate will soon be delivering yet another short season of High Maintenance – via HBO.

The network announced today that it’s picking up the web series, which has been growing steadily in popularity for the past three years. Bedford + Bowery had the pleasure of hosting creators/greatest couple ever Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld earlier this year for a Q&A and exclusive screening with Vimeo.

Speaking of the show’s first home, it’ll continue to host the first 19 episodes of High Maintenance for the time being – though it’s not yet clear how long that will last. (Update: a press release from HBO says it will make the previous 19 episodes available “later this year” on HBO, HBO NOW and HBO GO.)

Here’s hoping the new affiliation doesn’t hinder 420-friendly viewing parties.