On Saturday, a portion of NYC’s wellness community gathered at the Prince George Ballroom in NoMad for Big Love Weekend. The event was a fundraiser for God’s Love We Deliver, a non-profit on the outskirts of Williamsburg that delivers meals to those who are homebound due to severe illness.

The organization came into being around 30 years ago, initially serving those suffering from HIV or AIDS. For Jason Patrick, founder of Big Love Weekend, this has particular resonance. “God’s Love means everything to me,” said Patrick. “Because I’m living with HIV, there’s some kind of lineage that makes me stay with God’s Love.”

In 2013, Patrick hosted the very first Big Love Weekend, a small birthday bash that raised around $5,000. This weekend, the event hosted over 200 people and raised over $50,000 for God’s Love We Deliver.

The Wellness Day was all about connecting with your inner self, in order to better connect with those around you. After a day of meditation, yoga, powerful affirmations and plenty of hugs, it’s safe to say the amount of love in the room was enormous. Watch the video to hear what Miss Teen USA had to say about it.