Doug Beube, “Collapse.”

Armory Arts Week continues tonight with a VIP preview party for “Art On Paper” at Pier 36. The fair opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, on the Lower East Side waterfront, and many of its 55 exhibitors are either from downtown or North Brooklyn. They’re showing works by artists who, per the website “look to paper as a major influence in their sculpture, drawing, painting and photography.”

Here are some of the highlights, followed by a slideshow of representative works.

The Hole (East Village) is showing the works of Danish artist Rose Eken, whose miniature Bic lighters, drumsticks, and Jack Daniels bottles we first saw at her solo show back in November.

Sasha Wolf Gallery (Lower East Side) has dedicated its booth to photographer Adam Katseff‘s nighttime riverscapes. As part of the Miami Project, they were among the more striking things we saw in Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Proposition (East Village) is showing the work of Balint Szako named Modern Dance (Series 1 and 2). It’s “a collection of individually framed paintings,” reads the artist’s statement, “in which an arm, a string, and the ground match up and continue between adjacent works.”

Steven Harvey Fine Art Project (Lower East Side) created an installation of wood on paper, titled “Double Album” —like “big records with extra stuff,” Harvey told us. It’s an installation with 33 art objects provided both by well-known artists such as Arshile Gorky and Richard Diebenkorn and more contemporary names such as Jesse McCloskey and Chuck Bowdish. Spread across three walls, “Double Album” will explore three themes: Italian lights, nudes and abstraction, and noir.

Tally Beck Gallery (Lower East Side), which specializes in contemporary Asian art, pays homage to the East: they have some monotypes by Turkish artist Yigit Yazici, in a colorful, animated style that combines elements of constructivism and calligraphic strokes. They’re also showing two “monumental” watercolors (five feet high by six feet wide) by Thai artist Tom Techawong, portraying street signs in traffic block scenes.

Click through the images below to get an idea of the type of work featured.

Art On Paper, March 6 and 7 from 11am to 7pm, March 8 till 6pm at Pier 36, 299 South Street on the East River (Montgomery Street south of Cherry Street); tickets $25-$50