(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A 15-year-old was arrested in connection with the Jan. 20 shooting outside of Progress High School in East Williamsburg. [NYDN]

Ground has finally been broken on the first of five new buildings on the Domino Sugar site. [Crain’s]

Two men were arrested after breaking into a Williamsburg synagogue. [JP Updates]

The great grandson of the founder of Taittinger Champagne opens a new art gallery in the former Living Room space on Ludlow Street today. [WSJ]

A woman who police sources say was suicidal died after jumping off of a ferry pear into the frigid East River. [NY Post]

Check out a map of the 53 new Citi Bike stations coming to Williamsburg and Greenpoint by year’s end. [Brooklyn Paper]

Leo Fitzpatrick of Kids explains why he closed Home Alone 2 gallery: “We were losing $20,000 a year to try and keep the Lower East Side interesting. That’s a losing battle; the landlords aren’t going to give you street cred credits.” [Forbes]

On the heels of last month’s Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding mural on Orchard Street, two Williamsburg residents who’ve raised over $1,000 on Kickstarter will convert their apartment hallway into a museum dedicated to the feuding figure skaters. [Brooklyn Paper]

The person who returns Amstaff/pitbull mix Sugar—who went missing the East Village a week ago—will now receive a $10K reward after the initial finder’s fee was matched by pro basketball player David Lee (Golden State Warriors) on Instagram. [EV Grieve]

A glassy 12-story condo building has been proposed for the Greenpoint waterfront. [Curbed]

Stanton Street’s still-new Creffle Cafe, which was supposed to reopen over a month ago, remains MIA. [EV Grieve]

And at 113 Stanton Street, tenants of Samy Mahfar are suing their landlord for harassment and unsafe living conditions, including toxic lead levels and the presences of asbestos. [Bowery Boogie]

Matty’s, the bar that replaced Idle Hands on Avenue B in December, may have already bit the dust. [EV Grieve]

Tonight starting at 5:30 p.m., Basque eatery Huertas will host a no-reservations “Pintxos Takeover” in the East Village. [Gothamist]

See snapshots from the set of The Naked City, filmed in Williamsburg and on the Lower East Side in 1948. [Scouting NY]

Read a history of the case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, married Lower East Side natives who were sentenced to the electric chair in June 1953 for allegedly acting as spies for the Soviet Union. [Ephemeral NY]