Brooklyn band Jukebox the Ghost is used to fans asking about its name. The motive for it was simple: the band wanted to be highly searchable on Google. Lead singer and keyboardist Ben Thornewill settled on it by taking a Captain Beefheart lyric and combining it with a beloved passage from a Nabokov novel.

Now, nine years later, Jukebox the Ghost is quietly enjoying industry success. After having released a self-titled fourth studio album, the band is midway through a grueling eight-week tour that has taken it to every corner of the United States. The new album was released , and was mostly recorded in Los Angeles alongside acclaimed producer Dan Romer.

Thornewill and his bandmates Tommy Siegel and Jesse Kristin took some time out of their hectic schedule (which includes a show at Irving Plaza on February 28) to play us a live version of the single “When the Nights Get Long” at Mirrortone Studios in Manhattan. The song was written by Thornewill and Romer, and refers to the role of technology in maintaining a relationship.