“Could you survive Brooklyn back in ’84?” That’s the question posed by a newly launched fundraiser for “Living Los Sures,” the interactive film project we first told you about last summer.

When we spoke with Christopher Allen of UnionDocs about the project in July, he told us how it had been inspired by Diego Echeverria’s 1984 documentary about daily life in Los Sures (the Latino area around South Second, and Third Streets).

Back in the ’80s — before the time of H is for Hipsters” baby books — Williamsburg was “one of the toughest ghettos in the USA,” according to the Kickstarter site, which was officially launched Jan. 30. The project’s organizers are hoping to raise $30,000 in the next 24 days, with supporters having already pledged a total of $5,376 as of Friday afternoon.

Allen now tells us UnionDocs is close to finishing the project, which is meant to culminate in a museum gallery experience in early 2016. The organization has been working with people in the neighborhood to weave their pictures, videos, and stories into the 1984 footage. So far the producers have added 450 details, anecdotes, “real talk and tall tales” from about 40 different people. Their goal is to get up to 1,500 stories with the participation of at least 100 people.

Another aspect of the project: a collection of 30 new short documentaries inspired by the original film and the neighborhood today; the Kickstarter money will help UnionDocs produce four additional films and post all the docs online.

Funds raised will also go toward wrapping the UnionDocs storefront with public artwork to boldly announce the project to Williamsburg residents, promoting the film’s New York City theatrical release and getting the project out to film festivals. UnionDocs will also release one short film per week next year and highlight different shots each week.

“We’ve got a long climb ahead, but our fingers are crossed that New Yorkers will step up to see this special history is given the treatment it deserves,” he said.

Can’t get enough of those ’80’s styles? Above is a sneak peak of additional footage from the original film and below is an excerpt from interview with the filmmaker.