Comedian David Cross, a disillusioned East Villager turned DUMBO dweller, is making his directorial debut with Hits, and he’ll be at the comedy’s New York premiere Feb. 12 at Nitehawk. The best part: the price of the ticket is up to you, so if you want to be a cheapass a la Todd Margaret you can save a few bucks and treat yourself to a beer while you watch.

Hits — starring Michael Cera, Amy Sedaris, Wyatt Cenac and many more — takes place in an upstate town whose inhabitants suffer from delusions of grandeur. Among these are Dave, a working-class father whose teenage daughter Katelyn is a mediocre aspiring pop singer claiming that “growing up in a small town with a bunch of sad people” made her the “star” she is today.

When a video of one of Dave’s political rants hits YouTube, a bunch of idealistic Brooklyn hipsters join his crusade and make it go viral. Other characters falling prey to the bizarre nature of YouTube-fueled fame include a white teen whose dream to become a rapper is crushed when a video showing him getting hit in the balls surfaces online and a city council president who wants to get her nails done once she finds out that the CNN is going to cover Dave’s next exploits directly at city hall.

The New York premiere of Hits will be pay-what-you-wish, because that’s the way David Cross intended to fund the distribution in the first place. RSVP on Eventrbrite is required by Nitehawk but keep in mind it doesn’t guarantee admission. The theater is selling tickets for the 7:15 pm screening on a first come, first served basis, and it suggests you arrive by at least 6pm, since only 92 seats will be available. Doors open at 4pm, nevernudes.