Katie Cercone,will be with Milk and Night at Select Fair.

Katie Cercone,will be with Milk and Night at Select Fair.

It’s time once again to blast Modest Mouse’s “Florida,” pack your whites and jet south for Miami Art Week. This year, the ever-growing phalanx of fairs will include newbs like Zones and Auto Body, where some of downtown’s finest provocateurs will do their thing. The avalanche of art can be overwhelming, but with plenty of NYC galleries in the mix (Bushwick’s Signal and the LES’s Home Alone 2 are just a couple that are doing boozy hotel pop-ups), there’s no need to leave your comfort zone. We’ve rounded up all the LES, East Village, and North Brooklyn galleries who’ll be at the fairs, and (at the bottom of the page) at various pop-ups, performances and parties.


(Courtesy of Sperone Westwater)

(Courtesy of Sperone Westwater)

Dec. 4-7 (private view Dec. 3) at Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr.; hours 3pm-8pm on Thu., noon-8pm on Fri-Sat, noon-6pm on Sunday tickets $45-$100
Sperone Westwater – LES
47 Canal – LES – Michele Abeles, Ajay Kurian
Miguel Abreau Gallery – LES
Marianne Boesky Gallery – LES
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise – LES
Bureau – LES – Erica Baum, Jaya Howey
James Fuentes – LES – Alison Knowles
Lehmann Maupin – LES
Lisson Gallery – LES – Marina Abramović, Allora & Calzadilla, Daniel Buren, Tony Cragg, Spencer Finch, Ryan Gander, Rodney Graham, Shirazeh Houshiary, Anish Kapoor, Haroon Mirza, Julian Opie, Pedro Reyes and Ai Weiwei. Find out more about the artists and Abramović’s performances here.
Ramiken Crucible – LES – Lucas Blalock, Gavin Kenyon, Andra Ursuta
Reena Spauldings Fine Art – LES – Matias Faldbakken, K8 Hardy, Klara Liden, Ken Okiishi, Seth Price, Josephine Pryde, Peter Wachtler
Salon 94 – LES – Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Terry Adkins, Anton Alvarez, Huma Bhabha, Francesca DiMattio, Katy Grannan, Jon Kessler, Takuro Kuwata. Film: Liu Chuang, Takeshi Murata, Jayson Musson. Marilyn Minter will sign Plush on Wed., 6-9pm, at the Fulton Ryder Suite at the Edition Hotel. David Benjamin Sherry will sign Earth Changes on Thu., 6-8pm, at the Printed Matter Booth T3 in Info Zone B.
Real Fine Arts – Greenpoint – Jon Pestoni, Sam Pulitzer
Luhring Augustine – East Williamsburg

Untitled, 2014, by Dan Shaw-Town (Room East)

Untitled, 2014, by Dan Shaw-Town (Room East)


Dec. 4-7 at The Deauville Beach Resort, 6701 Collins Ave.; hours 2pm-8pm Thu, 11am-8pm on Fri-Sat, 11am-5pm on Sun
Bodega – LES – Sam Anderson, Sebastian Black, Sam Lipp, Dena Yago
Lisa Cooley – LES
American Contemporary – East Village
Brennan & Griffin – LES
Essex Street – LES
Eleven Rivington – LES
Nicelle Beauchene – LES
Christian Berst – LES – Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso
Chapter NY – LES
Grand Century – LES – Darja Bajagić, Edward Marshall Shenk, Olivia Erlanger, Renuad Jerez, Dora Budor, Rosa Aiello, Alex Mackin Dolan
The Hole – East Village – Kasper Sonne, Matthew Stone, Evan Robarts. On Saturday, 9pm, at Soho Studios, the gallery will present an invite-only performance and video sculpture by Matthew Stone with music by Dev Hynes, followed by a performance by Theophilus London with visuals and DJ set by Virgil Abloh.
The Lodge Gallery – LES
Kai Matsumiya – LES
P! – LES
Room East – LES – Darja Bajagic, Robin Cameron, Dan Shaw-Town, Sebastian Lloyd Rees
Laurel Gitlen – LES
Jack Hanley – LES
Karma – East Village (Noho)
Klaus von Nichtssagend – LES – Sara Ludy, David Scanavino, Thomas Øvlisen.
David Lewis Gallery – LES
Invisible-Exports – LES – Nick Doyle, Scott Treleaven
Eli Ping Frances Perkins – LES
Simon Preston Gallery – LES
Regina Rex – LES
Tomorrow LES – Brad Troemel, Carlos Reyes, Mike Goldby
Rachel Uffner Gallery LES
The Journal – Williamsburg
Clearing – East Williamsburg


Rebecca Smith, "Solar Power" (Hionas Gallery)

Rebecca Smith, “Solar Power” (Hionas Gallery)

Dec. 3-7 (Wed 3-7pm, Thu-Sat 11am – 7pm, Sun 11am-4pm), Ocean Drive and 12th St.; tickets $15-$25
This annual satellite fair kicks off Monday with an invite-only party hosted by Lower East Side/Chinatown artist Ryan McGinley. After a VIP preview the next day, the fair opens to the public Wednesday with the following local galleries in tow.
Bitforms Gallery – LES
Cindy Rucker Gallery – LES – Adrian Esparza
Hionas Gallery – LES – Dennis Hollingsworth, Jill Levine, Burton Machen, Guillermo Pfaff, Rebecca Smith, Joan Waltemath. Read more here.
Kristen Lorello – LES – Scott Alario, Goldschmied & Chiari, Giacinto Occhionero, Josh Slater
Microscope Gallery – Bushwick – Zach Nader, Allison Somers
Nathalie Karg Gallery – East Village (Noho) – Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Michiel Ceulers, Jennifer Guidi, Tony Matelli, Ohad Meromi
Present Co. – East Williamsburg
Y Gallery – LES – Ryan Brown, Alberto Borea, Christoph Draeger, Maurício Ianês as part of Special Projects.


John Newsom, "Pride of Place," at Marc Straus's booth.

John Newsom, “Pride of Place,” at Marc Straus’s booth.

Dec. 2-7 at NE 1st Ave. and NE 34th St.; hours Wed-Thu 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm; tickets $25-$50
Tally Beck Contemporary – LES – Tom Techawong, Jon Tsoi, Niccolo Cosme, island6, Nobuhito Nishigawara
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects – LES – Peter LiaBier, Richard Diebenkorn, Matt Philliips, Sangram Majumdar, Robert Harms
Lesley Heller Workspace – LES – Fran Siegel, Ted Larsen, Deborah Brown, Devin Powers, Helen O’leary
Foley Gallery – LES – Martin Klimas, Richard Barnes, Casey Ruble, Lauren Henkin, Simon Schubert
Marc Straus – LES – Emil Alzamora, Bettina Blohm, Sam Jinks, Chris Jones, Marin Majic, John Newsom, Ulf Puder. See preview here.
Muriel Guépin Gallery – LES – Joanie Lemercier, Numen, Nonotak
Sasha Wolf – LES – Adam Katseff, Caleb Charland, Tribble & Mancenido, Paul McDonough, Katherine Wolkoff


Michael Van den Besselaar, "The Robot Portraits Series/C3PO" (Black & White Gallery)

Michael Van den Besselaar, “The Robot Portraits Series/C3PO” (Black & White Gallery)

Dec. 4-7, Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Ave.; hours Thu 1pm–7pm, Fri-Sat 10am–7pm, Sun 10am-5pm; tickets $20-$25
Black & White Gallery – Williamsburg
Michael Van den Besselaar
Catinca Tabacaru Gallery – LES – Greg Haberny, Rachel Monosov, Gail Stoicheff
Front Room Gallery – Williamsburg – Sasha Bezzubov, Mark Masyga
Lesley Heller Workspace – LES – Lothar Osterburg
Junior Products – LES – Guy C. Corriero, Stuart Elster
LMAKprojects – LES – Jane Benson, Popel Coumou, Jonathan Calm, Claudia Joskowicz, Erika Ranee
Lynch Tham – LES – Carlo Ferraris, Walter Robinson
McKenzie Fine Art – LES – Reed Danziger, Jean Lowe


JJ Brine's in-process installation for Vector Gallery.

JJ Brine’s in-process installation for Vector Gallery.

Dec. 2-7 at 73rd and Collins Avenue; tickets $15
Milk and Night and Gallery Sensei – LES – Guerilla Girls, Kendra Pfahler, Lola Montes Schnabel, Jemima Kirke, Ange (ThreeAsFour), Bianca Casady, Nicole Nadeau, Amanda Keeley, Coco Dolle, Narcissister, and more. On Thursday and Friday there’ll be guerrilla style performances throughout the fair, and at Friday at 2pm and 3pm Hari Nef performs live at the booth, C1. More info here.
Vector Gallery – LES – JJ Brine
R Jampol Projects – LES – Akintola Hanif, Mataruda, Nick Kline, Richard Hart. More info here.
Bushwick Art Crit Group – Bushwick – Meryl Meisler, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Lisa Levy, Alison Brady, Beata Chrzanowska, Kelsey Shwetz, Thomas Stevenson, Drew Van Diest, Eric Gottshall, Andrea Wolf
Spacewomb Gallery – LES – Jongwang Lee, Brian T. Silak, Deborah Druick, Sunsook Roh, Sooyoung Bae, Greg Johnston, Fori Sim, Jieun Shin, Kyungsun Yang, Yichung Yun, Gyeongwoo Jang, Jin Hyoung Son


Mark Hartman, "Cape Cod" (Luster)

Mark Hartman, “Cape Cod” (Luster)

Dec. 3-7, 11am-8pm at Scope Pavilion, 1001 Ocean Drive; tickets $20-$150
Asterisk Projects – Williamsburg
Center Space – LES
Dorian Grey Gallery – East Village
Luster – Greenpoint
Magpi Projects – Greenpoint


Part II of "Bright Matter," currently on display at Muriel Guépin Gallery, will be shown at Aqua.

Part II of “Bright Matter,” currently on display at Muriel Guépin Gallery, will be shown at Aqua.

Space776 – Bushwick – An Eunkyung, Benjamine Hoyng, Cho You Mee, Kim Hyejin, Krasowitz Michael, Lee Sunhwa, Lee Jourdain Jongwon, Nam HuNoo, Paik Saehyun, Rachko Barbara, Rogers Dave, Savu Mihaela, Shim Jiyoung
Muriel Guepin Gallery – LES – Laurent Chehere, Cooper Emerson, JM J, McGuire Davy and Kristin, Olenick Iviva
Robert Henry Contemporary – East Williamsburg – Engler Elise, Richard Garrison, Jaff Liz, Lansden Robert, Lawless Sharon, Lerner Derek, Walden Jerry, Westendarp Pancho


f7ccda_38afc3255d15463b89b99be496ecf58e.jpg_srz_p_396_410_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThird Street Garage Artspace, 300 SW 12th Ave.
The inaugural edition of this grassroots, artist-run fair occurred in 2013 at Gallery Onetwentyeight in the Lower East Side, as part of New York’s Frieze Week. That gallery will be back for this 2Miami edition. There’ll also be photos of New York City by Giandomenica Becchio, dog and cat portraits by Eric Ginsburg, and video art curated by Jeanne Wilkinson. On Thursday from 2-11:30pm there’s a VIP opening ($20 advance tickets ) and on Friday, from 8-11pm there’ll be a “Fridge Mango Slushie River Party” and fashion show. Street art courtesy of NYC’s Centre-fuge.


"Abstract Sculpture in Three Parts, "Hertha Hillfon (Hostler Burrows)

“Abstract Sculpture in Three Parts, “Hertha Hillfon (Hostler Burrows)

Dec. 3-7, Meridian Avenue & 19th Street (adjacent the Miami Beach Convention Center); hours Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri 11am-8pm, Sat noon-8pm, Sun noon-6pm; tickets $20-$55
A couple of East 11th Street galleries, Holster Burrows and Magen H Gallery will be showing off their haute homewares at this fair dedicated to fashionable furnishings.


Ellen Turrietta (Courtesy Zones)

Ellen Turrietta (Courtesy Zones)

Dec. 2-7, noon to 5pm, at 8325 NE 2nd Ave.
This fair produced by Miami-based interdisciplinary artist Charo Oquet promises to be one of the edgier ones, with performances by artists like East Village occupier Ellen “Ginger Mama” Turrietta (Thursday from 2-5pm) and some other NYC-based provocateurs. There’ll also be a group noise jam (Thursday from 6-9pm) and a series of noise band performances (Sunday 7-11pm) curated by Jan & Dave (you may have heard their album, Songs About Death and Abduction?). Peep the events calendar here).

Pop-ups, performances + parties

questloveQuestlove at Foxhole
Dec. 6 at Foxhole, 1218 14th Court; no cover
If you weren’t invited to the Brooklyn Bowl fixture’s private dinner with Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, you can at least catch him DJing along with Matthew Law and Reid Waters.

Jeremy Penn at Disaranno Terrace
Dec. 4, 7pm at Gale Hotel, 1690 Collins Ave.
The Williamsburg artist’s new collection, “The Evolution and The Ego,” will be on display at this al fresco event while Disarrano serves up the drinks. RSVP required.

Opening of Chrome Hearts with Zoe Kravitz
Dec. 3, 7:30-11:30pm at 4025 NE 2nd Ave.
Williamsburg’s own Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny and half of Lolawolf) will perform at the invite-only opening of the sixth Chrome Hearts store.

Kembra Pfahler.

Kembra Pfahler.

Auto Body
Dec. 4-7 at the former Giant Motors, 1750 Bay Rd.
The inaugural edition of this four-day fest features works by 33 female artists. Among the nightly performers are the East Village’s own Kembra Pfahler and her band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black; on Dec. 6 at 9pm they’ll honor the venue, a defunct auto body shop, with a show inspired by hot-rod pin-up models.

Home Alone 2 at The Miami Beach EDITION – 2901 Collins Ave.
Actor, skater and gallerist Leo Fitzpatrick is bringing a pop-up version of his LES gallery to Ian Schrager’s new hotel. In the hotel’s basement bowling allery, look for balls decorated by artists like Bushwick’s Jules de Balincourt.

Festina Lente – 116 NW 29th St., Wynwood
LES-based Con Artist Collective teams up with Brooklyn-based Create Collect for this week-long series of art and performances. In addition to a gallery show displaying the work of over 70 artists from both collectives (open from Dec. 4-7 from 11am-10pm), there’ll be an opening party with DJ Rage Johnson Wednesday from 6pm-10pm, a performance by Ale Velasco on Thursday from 6-10pm, a cocktail party with music by Pirate Stereo on Friday from 6-10pm, a film screening on Saturday from 1-6pm, and a closing reception with music by Low Pitch Orchestra on Sunday from 6-10pm.

Le Baron Miami
FDR at the Delano Hotel, 1685 Collins Ave.
This week-long pop-up club from the folks behind Chinatown’s Le Baron will once again be the go-to after-the-after-party spot. Plus, the baron of Le Baron, André Saraiva, will be hosting a poolside bbq for friends at The Standard Spa from 3-7pm on Sunday.

Monica Mirabile’s “Strict Governing Hands: MIAMI”
Dec. 5 at 4:30pm at Allison Park (beachfront at 65th & Collins); free
Bushwick’s Signal Gallery presents this performance, choreographed by Monica Mirabile, in which the compositions of Hildegard Von Bingen meets contemporary electronic music. Visitors
are given a phone number and headphones in order to hear the music.

Events at The Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami
2727 Indian Creek Drive
This hip hostel has a slew of events planned: On Wednesday from 6-9pm, NEWD, the art expo that launched in Bushwick during Open Studios earlier this year, will present installations by Bushwick’s Signal Gallery. On Friday at 2pm, peep South Williamsburg artist Rebeca Raney’s sculptures at Uprise Art’s Young Collectors Lounge; on Saturday at 2pm there’s a launch party for Nah/No Magazine with pop-up shops by VidaKush, Lost Boy Dry Goods and more.

Wynwood Walls
2520 NW 2nd Ave.
If you dig Bushwick Collective’s outdoor art, check out its Miami equivalent. Among the Brooklyn artists who’ll be adding new art to the walls this time around are Swoon and East Williamsburg’s Kenny Scharf. The invite-only opening is Tuesday from 6-9pm, and then it’s open to the public till 11pm. Tony’s Oasis Garden, an oasis dedicated to the late founder of the Wynwood Walls, Tony Goldman, is getting a new fountain created by Scharf, and will be open Tuesday through Sunday from noon-8pm at 2219 NW 2nd Ave.

MEƎM 4 Miami: A Story Ballet About the Internet
Dec. 3 and 4 at 8pm and 10:30pm at Castle Beach Resort, 5445 Collins Ave.; tickets $30
Brooklyn-based artist Ryan McNamara won the Malcolm McLaren Award when he first performed this piece in the East Village, as part of 2013 Performa Biennial. Now Performa brings a version to Miami.

Andy Warhol at Christie’s
Dec. 3 and 4, 10am-5pm, at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami, 255 Biscayne Blvd., 5th Fl.
A pop-up exhibit of 20 paintings, photos, and prints by the onetime Lower East Sider. If you’ve got $3,000 to $50,000 to spare, you can take home an Andy.

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