They tried to make the Astor Place cube go to rehab, and we said, “No, no, no.”

When the Alamo got boxed up ahead of the Astor Place Reconstruction, we hoped that would be the extent of it. But this morning we witnessed this horrifying site: the 1,800-pound cube was being crane-lifted onto a flatbed and hauled off.

“We’re taking it to be rehabilitated,” explained Amelia Ramos, the NYC Department of Design and Construction’s liaison for the project.

Wait, the Astor Place cube is going to rehab? Sure, it’s always hanging out with scuzzy skaters but its heart is in the right place.


Ms. Ramos issued some limp assurances: “Once the new plaza is done, we’re going to bring it right back,” she told us as we held back tears. That should be “hopefully by next spring or next summer,” she said.

So we have to survive this cold, dark winter without our beloved cube? Might as well move to Michigan to hang out with the other one.

No, no, no.