When we last spoke to Dan Perino about his East Village fliering blitz, he told us he still hadn’t found “the one.” So we decided to help him out* by inviting him down to our Bedford + Bowery Bazaar for a few rounds of speed dating. We gave attendees a chance to get to know the one and only “Looking for a Girlfriend” guy — and lo and behold, some of them jumped on it. In fact, one potential paramour even made plans for a second date (alas, she later canceled). Watch our video to see how it went — and look for the guy from Holland Helado butting into one of Perino’s tête-à-têtes to worship at his altar.

*Orrrr, to put it another way: we tried to ride the coattails of a viral sensation by hiring him to appear at our promotional event. Hey, at least we didn’t have him put up fliers.