UnsilentaCon. It could happen. (Photos: Konstantin Sergeyev/Taylor Davidson. Illustration: Daniel Maurer)

Luckily SantaCon and Unsilent Night won’t fall on the same day this year. (Photos: Konstantin Sergeyev/Taylor Davidson. Illustration: Daniel Maurer)

Let’s ignore today’s indicators that Santacon is coming to Bushwick — not all flash mobs are the domain of boozed-up bros. These roving, interactive performances will allow you to parade through the streets while making a joyful noise. No puking necessary.

Unsilent Night
Dec. 13 at 7pm, Washington Square Park arch, Greenwich Village
The 23rd annual installment of what’s now a worldwide phenomenon will once again start at Washington Square Park and proceed to Tompkins Square Park. As always, composer Phil Kline (a disciple of Glenn Branca) will hand out some beat-up boom boxes that play synchronized parts to a 45-minute-long work of ambient music. Or you can just cue up the ethereal score via an iPhone app.

Make Music NY
Dec. 21, various locations throughout NYC
The winter installment of this city-wide fest, which was inspired by Phil Kline’s annual opus, will bring various interactive group performances a la Unsilent Night. Participants will get to make noise on hand bells, bicycle bells, tap shoes, and radios and iPhones. There’ll be collective renditions of Caribbean holiday music (in the Bronx and Williamsburg), gamelan drumming, and the work of composers from good ol’ Bach to modern master Terry Riley.