IMG_0340Last week we learned that Adam Brody would star in what’s being called Neil LaBute’s “incest drama.” Now you can look for the O.C. actor and the ever provocative director of Your Friends & Neighbors on the streets of Billyburg.

A sign on Grand Street, off of Havemeyer, informs locals that Billy and Billie will be filming Saturday and Sunday, from about 6am to 8pm. According to the public notice, the DirectTV show written and directed by LaBute is about “two step siblings who try to live with each other and co-exist with family and friends.”

That might be putting it mildly — The Wrap describes the step siblings as a “lovesick pair,” and quotes LaBute as saying he plans to “try and push the boundaries of what American television can and should be.” Sounds like it’ll tread the same awkward territory as Alex Ross Perry’s The Color Wheel.

If you see LaBute, punt a fetus at him.