I was going to go to work… until I got “High Maintenance.”

As if yesterday’s Broad City trailer wasn’t excitement enough, another one of our favorite web-shows-gone-big just dropped three new episodes — the first since March.

Now that Vimeo has tapped it as its first foray into original programming, “High Maintenance” is no longer free, so you’ll have to dip into your weed funds and shell out $1.99 an episode (or $7.99 for the season) to watch. But we can vouch for the first three installments: as always, each episode briefly follows customers of a vigorously bearded weed dealer who manages to float above his clients’ neuroses like a vapor cloud. (“The Guy” is played by Ben Sinclair, who created the series with his wife and fellow 30 Rock crew member Katja Blichfeld.)

The show’s quirky Brooklynites are easy pickings for satire: in the first episode, a Fort Greene survivalist drives his girlfriend crazy by insisting she take a “go bag” to work, and a whispering “ASMR goddess” crinkles weed baggies on YouTube because they’re a “wonderful trigger.” But the subtle, even loving jabs are rolled up with a sort of Louie-like earnestness. Which makes it hit harder when — in the second episode, about an asexual magician trying to hack it as an inner-city school teacher — a deaf drama student says in distraught sign language, “I thought that fat girl monologue from Louie was such a good idea.”

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of this series, you’ve probably been living inside of a fake Coke can. We don’t need to sell you on it — just spark up the first episode. The next batch will come sometime early next year.