We’ve been a fan of MeanRed ever since they threw parties on the Gowanus waterfront and served “rave juice” in Chinatown dim sum joints. These days they do more upscale parties at places like Output and Cielo, but now they bring word that they’ve teamed up with Villain, the textile warehouse turned event space in Williamsburg, to create mayhem there.

Actually, the two have teamed up before: we caught an awesome Misfits cover band, Harpies in the Night, at their “Portal to Hell” Halloween party last year, where there were also DJs and a skate ramp from KCDC. (That was the time the guy in front of us in line one-upped our GG Allin costume by showing us a colostomy bag that was not part of his costume.) The space is great for this sort of thing, so we’re psyched to hear that the series will feature “artists who are committed to independent venue experiences that cater to the vanguard of music audiences.”

The first such artist will be Daedelus, the West Coast producer and electronic musician. On Oct. 18, he’ll be showing off his Archimedes Project, a robotic sculpture made up of 24 square mirrors that are motorized to the beat of the music. This may be the world’s trippiest disco ball, and if it’s an indicator of what’s to come as MeanRed announces more events in the next months, we’re in. You can get tickets for the show, featuring fellow LA-based producer Spazzkid, here.