(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

We haven’t heard much about Gestations, “NYC’s First Bar for Pregnant Women” (not) since a hilarious Tweet earlier this month: “Lather up your stretch mark cream. #gestationsny is #openingsoon.”

Right. If that’s the case, they better hire a clean-up crew in addition to that briiiiilliant marketing team, because the storefront at the corner of Avenue A and East Fifth Street has become a magnet for tags and stickers.


We’re guessing the landlord might regret having turned his storefront over to this kind of Instagram bait, but hey — no use crying over pumped milk.

One thing that probably won’t get tagged: the billboard the company behind the faux bar claims to have erected in Times Square. (Who knows, or cares, whether they actually have — we’re definitely not going to Times Square to find out.)