unnamedYou know those cheeseball lookbooks you see at places like Supercuts, that show you how you’d look with a bowl cut? Well, none other other than photographer Richard Kern, the thinking man’s Terry Richardson, has teamed up with an uber-hip Williamsburg hair salon to make a grunge- and porn-inspired version of them.

About a year ago, and then again in February, Shizen Brooklyn (formerly of the East Village) chose and styled 10 male and 10 female models for Kern to shoot. “The late ’80s to early ’90s was the theme for the girls hair style and the grungy hair was the theme of boys hair style,” the salon turned publisher writes on its website. “Richard used an amazing lightening [sic] for this shoot which was popular for the porn shooting on ’80s and punk rock shooting on ’90s.”

The result is the book Girl Friend Boy Friend, photos from which will be on display at Webster Hall’s balcony on October 10, from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. (just rsvp here). Rest assured the photos of relatively tame for Kern, as you can see here. And the grungy haircuts are pretty fun — the guy in the middle of the third row down is a dead ringer for Beck/Evan Dando/Stephen Malkmus.