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We’re a little bowled over by this.

Everyone’s favorite adorkable news anchor, NY1’s Pat Kiernan, just invited the governor and mayor to his next bowling night at The Gutter, the bowling alley where Ebola victim Craig Spencer hung out before coming down with symptoms of the deadly disease.

Kiernan, a Williamsburg resident, didn’t mention he was a fixture at The Gutter when he told us about his neighborhood hangouts in The Regulars, but he’s described the place as “everything that you enjoy about getting together with a group of people to go bowling without the sticker shock of some of the fancy Manhattan bowling places.” (Or, for that matter, some of the fancy Brooklyn bowling places.)

Apparently his colleague and rocker extraordinaire Roger Clark also proffered the invite.

Okay, we get that they’re just trying to assure New Yorkers — as city officials pointed out in yesterday’s press conference — that it’s extremely unlikely anyone caught the virus at the alley. And Greenpoint cartoonist Tony Wolf appreciates that:

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But without having seen the broadcast, something feels a little glib about this. Next thing they’ll be making eBOWLa jokes.

Update: The Gutter has posted this message to Facebook aaaaand of course a commenter has posted an “ebowler” meme.

We voluntarily decided to close The Gutter yesterday evening as a precautionary measure while we gathered more information. We are working with the NYC Health Department to have the bar cleaned and sanitized under their supervision and expect to be open sometime today after that is completed. Doctors advising the Health Department have told us that our staff and customers were at no risk.