Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.35.06 AMIn case  weren’t creepy enough, an anti-Airbnb group is now invoking rapists and pedophiles in its quest to reign in the apartment sharing service.

Share Better, a coalition of local elected officials and housing orgs working in concert with the hotel industry, has launched a map that allows you to insert the address of that “authentic bohemian artists loft” you just rented for the weekend and see all the sex offenders in the area.

Now, you’re probably thinking: with 7,152 registered sex offenders in NYC, aren’t proper hotels surrounded by them as well? Well, yes, but Share Better’s argument is this: “Since Airbnb and other illegal hotel services lack the same safety standards as legal hotels – including front desk staff, security personnel, multiple cameras in lobbies, hallways and elevators, and building code inspections – the ‘Share Safer’ tool provides a new level of security for consumers.” 

Of course, if you’ve ever needed to take a dump in midtown and couldn’t find a Starbucks, you know how easy it is to stride into a hotel lobby, nod at the front desk like you’re a guest, and have your run of the place. And sexual assaults have occurred at NYC hotels.

To be fair, the tool also tells you whether the building you’ve rented an apartment in has any DOB violations — so you’ll know whether the floor is going to cave in during your morning jumping jacks. But somehow we doubt this is going to deter renters who just have to have a swinging egg chair in their living room.

With Halloween coming up, maybe Share Better should hire the Ghost Realtor from Nathan For You to tell people whether their rental is haunted.