10478027_10107402827226784_7304816210420637009_nPerhaps traditional “muzik” isn’t your thing really, or maybe your tastes are simply too advanced to be bothered with such frivolities like the predictable strumming of guitars or the inane drivel of singer/songwriters. Sounds like you, eh? Well then, boy oh boy is this your weekend.

24 Hour Drone Festival
What’s the one type of music that actually threatens to push psychologically at-risk listeners over the edge? The genre of music that has more in common with flying death machines than any other? The genus most closely related in sound and feeling to a migraine and or Ketamine trip gone horribly wrong? DRONE!

This under-appreciated, much maligned genre fills its listeners with a sense of complete dread and induces out-of-body hallucinations no drug can match — and, friends, that’s why the good people at Death By Audio thought it high time to host a 24-hour-long (yes, you read right- 24 hoursssssss) festival devoted entirely to this cuddly genre. The fun starts on Saturday evening and runs through Sunday evening at The Ranch (located immediately to the right of DBA).

Psychedelic use is highly discouraged/encouraged for such an event — so, uh, choose your poison wisely. But visuals will be provided in case you need them. There are literally just under 60 artists participating, so we’re not even gonna attempt to recap that here. Check out the long, long list of weirdos over here. If you are a practitioner of DRONE, don’t be shy, get your voice heard and sign up to play a set. Apparently slots are still available and let’s face it this is probably the only time somebody will ask that you play your DRONE set for them.

Because we couldn’t imagine who might pay to have such pain inflicted on them, this festival is indisputably 100 percent free. Um, unless you’re one of those jerks with a CMJ badge– in that case, DBA will be asking for $10.

Saturday October 25th through Sunday October 26th, 7 pm – 7 pm at Death By Audio / The Ranch in Williamsburg. Freeeee unless you are $$ enough to afford a CMJ badge, in which case–cough up that $10, richer. 

Noise Above Noise / Paradiso Project

(Photo: The Penthouse)

(Photo: The Penthouse)

Exchange Rates (Bushwick’s first art expo showcasing the collaborative efforts of local and international artists) and Beat Nite have teamed up to bring you a Bushwick-iteration of Noise Above Noise, a Manchester-based live sound event. The performance takes place on Friday and Saturday night at The Penthouse, the noise gallery of sorts that’s temporarily occupying the rooftop of the Vazquez Building, a brand new event space in Bushwick. Expect total weirdness to ensue at the hands of  artists Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Louise Woodcock, Neil Francis (AKA 2 Koi Karp), and Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer. Friday’s show features artist Maria Chavez, and on Saturday composer MV Carbon will be on deck for an “extra electric” performance.

The Paradiso Project, basically sounsdscapes, artwork, and accompanying performances provided by the participating artists will continue throughout the expo, and is open all weekend (now through Sunday, October 26th) from noon until 6 p.m.

Friday October 24th, Noise Above Noise 7-10 pm,  followed by Beat Nite after party 10 p.m. – midnight, free. The Vazquez Building, Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Bushwick.