(Bushwick Crossfit's FB page.)

(Bushwick Crossfit’s FB page.)

We won’t pretend to understand CrossFit, but you may want to know about this if you’re a Bushwicker who knows what a “burpee” is (apparently it’s not what you do after pounding a Tecate and slamming back a shot too fast). If, for whatever reason, you’ve been dying to hump a medicine ball and issue primal grunts in the company of fellow aspiring Hulks, you can now do so at Bushwick CrossFit.

The owners of this “box,” as CrossFitters call their under-equipped gyms, took over an auto repair garage at 10 Wilson Ave., near Flushing, and are now strutting around in “LFT HVY SHT” t-shirts, ready to [Hans & Franz clap] pump… you up! Classes ($250 a month, or $225 for the first 50 members who sign up before Oct. 20) started today. Presumably you’ll learn that a “pull-up” isn’t just something you do to your selvage jeans after they’ve become too loose from meticulous non-washing.