Another week, another film list. Check out our picks for screenings happening this weekend and beyond.

Evolution of a Criminal
Darius Clark, a filmmaker who’s all grown up, embarks on an exploration of his dark past through extensive interviews, reenactments, and reimaginings. At 16, Clark robbed a bank and scored $100,000, which he subsequently left on his mother’s bed. He was eventually busted and served five years in prison before ending up at NYU film school. Evolution of a Criminal explores what drove Clark to devolve from a seemingly happy, well-adjusted teenager to a bank robber. Clark’s self-searching is a meditation on how poverty affects adolescents and children, and how a sense of desperation can drive otherwise normal people to commit dangerous, sometimes criminal acts. Friday, October 10 through Thursday, October 16 at IFC Center; tickets, $14

An experimental horror film that reinterprets the story of Genesis, Begotten won some serious praise when it was first released in 1990. Susan Sontag called it “one of the ten most important films of modern times,” which isn’t surprising– the imagery is bizarre and often disturbing, but wholly unique. The film is totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen. But the religious horror film has been derided for its grotesqueness as much as it has been praised for it. And oh yeah, did we mention Begotten is seriously creepy? Monday, October 20 at 10 p.m. at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg; tickets, $5 at the door

Haute Tension (High Tension)
Remember this 2005 French suspense film? Gah! Well, it’s super tense. Two college friends, Alexia and Marie, drive out to Alexia’s family home in the countryside for some R&R. In the middle of the night, an intruder busts into the home and murders Alexia’s entire family. While Marie survives the massacre, the killer kidnaps Alexia. Marie twists some barbed wire around a stick and goes on a Rambo reconnaissance mission to save her friend. Oh! But of course there’s a twist. Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11 at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, 12:10 am; tickets, $11

All The Colors Of The Dark
Spectacle Theatre declares this “one of the best” Rosemary’s Baby knockoffs, which isn’t surprising because 1970s Italian horror movies are generally pretty boss. But this one’s got it all– devil worshiping, orgies, violent nightmares, blood, depraved hallucinations — all thanks to a failed pregnancy. Friday, October 10 at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg, midnight; tickets, $5 at the door

Kill The Messenger
Based on the experiences of IRL Pulitzer Prize-winning  journalist Gary Webb after he uncovered the CIA’s role in arming Nicaraguan rebels which exploded into the Iran-Contra affair. Webb and his family faced relentless intimidation and harassment, and demonstrated the risks investigative journalists take in scrutinizing the powers that be. Friday, October 10 through Thursday, October 16th at Angelika Film Center, various times; tickets, $14