Hey! There’s tons of stuff happening this week in the moving-picture world.

New York Super Week
IFC is screening a smorgasbord of stuff this upcoming week in anticipation of NYC Comicon including “sneak previews of new movies and revivals of action, animated and genre classics, as well as special appearances by filmmakers and creators” — neat-o stuff for nerds, basically. A bunch of films will premiere, including the documentary Showrunners, the horror film Extraterrestrial, and the Nazi zombie sequel, Dead Snow 2. The program list also includes a bunch of award-winning animated shorts. IFC will also be screening Rocky Horror Picture Show and afterwards Susan Sarandon and Baz Luhrmann will be on deck to discuss the film. Kung-Fu fans can check out 35mm prints of classic Hong-Kong made films. The full list of events can be found here. Friday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 12th at IFC Center; tickets, prices vary.

An Evening With Rumi Missabu And Friends
Short films, discussion, and a musical performance are all happening tonight at Spectacle. Special guest Rumi Missabu, filmmaker and member of the drag musical group The Cockettes, will play host this evening. A ton of entertaining shorts will be screening, including Beauties Without A Cause, a film about evil drag queens on a rampage; a mashup of Stranger in Paradise; and a sneak peek of the upcoming documentary about Rumi Missabu’s role in the 1960s San Francisco counterculture scene. Friday, October 3rd at Spectacle Theater, 8 pm; tickets, $5 at the door.

Critics hated this film about a podcaster who ventures to northern Canada to speak with an isolated old man about his near-death experience and subsequent rescue at the hands (tusks?) of a walrus. Apparently Smith dreamed up the idea for the film in a weed-induced haze. I mean, how else would you come up with the wacky idea of man turning into a walrus, amirite? But before you burst into tears because it seems the guy who made Clerks has become so Hollywood that he’s lost touch with any idea of what is actually funny or inventive or interesting, consider that Kevin Smith’s first horror film might just be a worthy so-awful-it’s-amazing camp newcomer. Maybe. Or perhaps I’m a distant relative of Kevin Smith and he’s buying me a six-pack to write this. Friday, October 3rd through Thursday October, 9th at Village East Cinema, various showtimes; tickets, $14

Biophilia Live
If you couldn’t make it to London in 2013 for Bjork’s epic Biophilia concert, this is your chance to see the totally tripped-out multimedia performance of her eighth studio album.Friday, October 3rd through Thursday, October 9th at Nitehawk; tickets, $11

Puce Moment and Salomé
Light Industry never ceases to amaze us with their events. And if you’re a Kenneth Anger fan, this one is not to be missed. Next Tuesday, the independent theater will screen Anger’s six-minute film, Puce Moment, that was originally intended to be a scene in a feature film project and homage to silent film that was never completed, Puce Women. The scene was shot in the home of actor and occultist (James Franco’s next pursuit?) Samson De Brier (aka Arthur Jasmine), who also appeared in Anger’s classic film, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. Spectacle writes that, “Puce Moment transcends mere nostalgia, offering a kind of alternative history instead, one in which the visionary program of primeval Hollywood never ceased, feeding into the experimental filmmaking of the 1940s, then finding insurgent form with the efflorescence of underground cinema in the 1960s.” The theater will also be screening Salomé, a 1923 silent film based on an Oscar Wilde play, and one that Anger described as “too queer for words.” Samson De Brier also stars in this film. Heady stuff — don’t miss it! Tuesday, October 7th at 7:30 pm, Light Industry; tickets, $7 at the door