You mean you weren’t in Los Angeles on Wednesday for The Friskies, the self-described “Oscars of cat video awards”? (Yes, this actually exists.) Don’t worry, we’ve embedded the winning videos right here. And rest assured, next month you’ll have a chance to watch yet more adorbs cat vids along with fellow felinophiles at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival (yes, this exists, too.)

Past installments of the film fest, which was conceived by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and made its NYC debut last year, have featured appearances by celeb cats like Grumpy Cat, who will achieve new levels of fame when he’s voiced by Aubrey Plaza in a Lifetime movie.

This year’s fest, taking place Oct. 15 at Warsaw, will be hosted by Will Braden, creator of the philosophical feline Henri Le Chat. Tickets are $20; you can pounce on them .